Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How I wore it: venturing outwards

So, um, it looks like we had a blizzard, huh? My husband, mother-in-law, and I were snowed in yesterday (the Greeks went out for a walk and came back bitterly ruing that plan). I didn't go to the gym and I cancelled yesterday's tutoring lesson because I couldn't deal with the idea of walking the five minutes it takes me to get to the subway station, let alone the ten-minute walk it would take to get to the house of one of my tutees. So there was no budging yesterday. Just lemon cookies and roasted potatoes and "2 Days in Paris" (one of my favorite movies of all time - seriously, if you've ever been in a relationship with someone of a different background, you should see this movie because you'll howl with laughter. The scene where Marion's mother hands Jack his ironed jeans, my husband had to explain to his mother that "Americans don't iron their jeans" while I teared up from laughing so hard).

Oy, anyways...

Today is a different picture. I braved the slush and snowbanks to get to the gym and later joined the Greek mother and son duo for coffee before we all came back home. Later today I'll be tutoring and then we'll be going for a seafood dinner. Mmmm... Anyway, the sun is shining and life is looking a little more normal again, despite the now blind (and melting!) snowman that lives on my yard.

Because I thought I'd be out all day and I didn't want to look like a schlub tonight for dinner, I decided to put on actual pants. With a zipper and everything. I also knew I wanted to wear my mother-in-law's Christmas necklace. Here are the results:

Hello, color! As you all know red and black are a favorite color combination for me and once I started building my outfit in my brain, it was pretty much done and done. I'm wearing my old faithful Aerosoles boots, which are actually quite good for slush, because they're super comfy and have a rubber bottom. Also, they're slowly dying, so I'm happy to wear them in less than ideal weather while protecting my Frye babies. 

I went with a flower theme today, obviously. What with the new flower necklace that matches the flower ring, which I always wear with silver flower earrings (also a gift from mom-in-law!), I'm obviously yearning for less snow. Although it's hard to tell in the above picture, I'm also wearing my black flower hair elastic... Here's a detail of the silver flowers: 

The irony is that I don't actually like real flowers all that much. Jewel flowers are fine, though

Check out the sun stripes on my sweater! Melt that snow!

And there you have it. A simple outfit for winter and one that'll keep me comfy while getting me through the good (lobster!), the bad (tutoring), and the ugly (the pavements). Also, since today's lesson will focus on Christmas presents, it's nice to inject a little holiday cheer into my outfit!

Charcoal cardigan: Gap, remixed
Black v-neck t-shirt: Gap (remixed?)
Red pants: Gap outlet, remixed
Black boots: Aerosoles, remixed
Flower earrings: gift from mother-in-law from a store called (I think) Archipelago in Athens, remixed
Flower necklace: gift from mother-in-law from Christidi, Sparta
Flower ring: Christidi, Sparta, remixed


  1. Do you think I can find awesome red pants in the next five days before I start GAAD? I love yours! I love the flower ring, too!

  2. Oh, that ring! It's so unique. I like the litte bit of color and pattern in your cardi too. Stay warm up there in the frozen tundra.


  3. Thanks, ladies! Historiadora, I got mine at a Gap outlet seven years ago, but ... I'm sure they're out there somewhere! Good luck with GAAD!

  4. The red and black combo looks great on you. No wonder you love it. Hope you enjoyed your seafood.

  5. Oh, thank you! The seafood was delicious but I'm in a bit of a food hangover now.

  6. ooh, i love those pants. Every time I go to the thrift store I look for red pants and I can never find them in my size. They look great!

  7. Oh, thanks! I'm a big fan of these pants but I used to wear them very rarely - I'm gonna try to rectify that...