Thursday, December 23, 2010

How I wore it: Christmas shopping, round 3

Finally, FINALLY we've finished our Christmas shopping. I think. We had an inspired idea for my sister-in-law on Sunday, so today - having to go to the husband's place of work in order to drop off some library books - we acted on it and bought our last gift. I'm sure I'm forgetting someone and, like, my husband will be all "Where's my gift?" on Saturday.

I jest: his is in the closet.

Anyway, for some reason I wanted to be a fancy lady today, so I basically channelled one of last year's work outfits and became Señora Botas again (although real botas weren't allowed at work, so I was technically out of dress code today):

Guys, when I decide to break out of a winter fashion rut, I really stick to my decisions, huh? Not a long cardigan in sight. Or even tall boots! Or leggings! Although you can't really tell from the photo (yeah, see how well the camera tips worked for me?), my skirt is a grey pin-stripe. I've worn it before (aww, memories! I still remember that day when I had to yell at my Spanish 3 class: it was one of my proudest moments). Although I always regret wearing them after seeing photos, I do really wear the crap out of those booties. They're just so unflattering on my leg! I mean, they just exacerbate their curviness. I will say, though, they're so damn comfortable. And since I'm a bit on an anti-bootie stance these days, I didn't mind wearing them through the slush of my subway commute. That being said, I cleaned them and buffed them upon coming home.

So it was fun to be kind of dressed up today, although I was cold on the way home. I guess pants really are awesome. It's funny, though - even though I wear tights/stockings all the time in the fall/winter/spring (and I did for years), after having to wear stockings every single weekday last year, the mere action of putting on tights this morning kind of made me seize up a little. It was just one of those "ACK, work! No, wait..." moments.

So, peeps, are we getting excited for Christmas (for those of us awaiting giving and receiving that day) yet?! My husband and I are ravenous for the holiday to get here. I want to rip open the box holding my boots, and my husband wants to rip open the box holding his very expensive and super unnecessary toy. Sometimes we open the closet housing all of the season's gifts and gloat. TWO DAYS, PEOPLE!

Red sweater: Gap
White t-shirt (underneath): H&M, remixed
Grey pinstriped skirt: Banana Republic, remixed
Grey sweater tights: Gap, remixed (?)
Grey booties: Aldo, remixed


  1. I'm digging the festive red top. And I know what you are saying with the stockings. After having linked them to some really terrible things I had a hard time wearing them again.
    And I really don't think that the booties are as bad as you say they are.

  2. Sweet ensemble, C&B. I keep thinking I'll like booties on me, and then being disappointed. Why can't they be as awesome as tall boots? Why?

    Also, 2 more sleeps!

  3. Thanks, ladies! A-Dubs, I keep on trying to remind myself to only wear booties with long skirts/pants and then turning around and not doing that and being disappointed. Grrr.