Friday, December 10, 2010

How I wore it: nothing ventured, nothing gained

So today's outfit is so boring that once I took a good look at the photos of it, I debated not posting it. But then I thought, "screw it" [or something coarser] because this blog is about my actual wardrobe, not only about my choices when I'm only looking "interesting."

Anyway, today dawned perilously cold for this exaggerator, but - due to a fluke in scheduling - I didn't have to leave my home (apart from a shivery visit to the gym)! My regular two-student French tutoring session was reduced to one girl this week and her mom suggested bringing her over to my house for a shortened lesson so that the mom could take advantage of some grocery shopping in my neck of the woods. Sa-weet!

While I spent the majority of the day in PJ pants and a fleece bathrobe (epitome of sexiness, yes? I should've gotten a snap of that), I thought that maybe I should change so as not to horrify this twelve-year-old too much. So I slapped on some make-up, an old pair of pants, and called it day:

Are you feeling the excitement here? YEAH! Before I moved to New England, I didn't know that Nantucket red pants were such a thing here. I bought these pants in J. Crew (sold as "pomegranate" to girls) my first year of grad school and was delighted to find out later that my older brother had the exact same pants (he's also a transplant to New England, although for far longer than I), which he called "Nantucket Reds [though I just call "pink"]. Fast forward to last year, at work, when I see that ... a lot of dudes own Nantucket reds. And, on top of that, they aren't only sold in J. Crew! Who knew?! And also? They're super-preppy. Because my school last year was a) super traditional and New England-y and b) super draconian with the dress code, I actually did see my fair share of male colleagues wearing these. The dress code for men was that they had to wear: non-jean slacks, a jacket, and a tie. As you can imagine, this pretty much translated to khakis + navy jacket. So when some lower-school teachers did pull out the old Nantucket reds for work? It was like a riot of color for the eyes. Ahhh, my old job. Every day I thank God that I'm not working there anymore. Especially on days that I wake up with 14 degrees and I pull on a pair of pants. Good times.

Oh. Back to my outfit. I've always liked pairing these pink pants with black (le shock!) and I did nothing different here. Of course I'm gonna stay well within my comfort zone when in the comfort of my own home, n'est-ce pas?

Anyway, I need to figure out my evening plans. There's a very slight chance that my husband and I might go to a colleague's holiday party, in which case I would change into something more... fleece-oriented. Can I wear gym clothes to a party? Also, we planned on making something at home today, but in the morning (while at the gym, now that I think about it), I had a huge craving for pizza, which is only slightly unhealthier than what we were planning to cook. Of course, my husband forgot his cell at home, so I have no way of knowing if we're going to the party or if he disapproves of pizza. And he's apparently not checking e-mail, either.

... Doesn't this glimpse into Chalkdust and Boots' Friday nights just make you giddy?!

Have a happy and warm weekend, everybody!

(PS Fifteen days till Frye!)

Black shirt: H&M, remixed
White t-shirt (below): H&M, remixed
"Pomegranate" pants: J. Crew
Moccasins: Minnetonka, by way of Lord and Taylors, remixed


  1. Pizza on a Friday night? Sounds good to me. More people need to wear pink pants. That is all.

  2. Oh, man, we totally ended up noshing on pizza and falling asleep in front of the couch. It was a really good Friday night.

  3. Ha! I thought these were Nantucket reds before I even read your post. Ah, old white wealthy men in pants the colour of lobster bisque! So iconic and hilarious at the same time. You look great in these and very chic with the black sweater (instead of the requisite navy blazer and sockless deck shoes).

  4. Can you believe I had never heard of this before my brother told me? Like, living in New York and Philly, you really have no idea about New England.

    ... I really wish that I had gone into work last year in these pants, a blazer, and a tie. Just see what happened.