Thursday, May 6, 2010

How I wore it: is it summer yet?

Not a very exciting day, alas -- however, this was one of my staple outfits for the entire school year and I'm sure I'll wear some iteration of it again before classes end in one month:

Black top? Check. Grey (pinstriped) pencil skirt? Check. Interesting tights? Check. Boring flats? Check. While this might not have been the most interesting of outfits, it was nice to feel "classic" and relax without worrying too much about my clothes.

... Especially as I had to yell today. About once every couple of weeks I have to yell at one of my classes and try to whip them into shape. I last yelled at one of my classes about two or three weeks ago. It was one of my advanced classes and, boy, did they deserve it. Today it was one of my classes of boys who were just being so dumb that I had to let them have it. I feel if you have to ascend to the highest heights of guilt-inducing teacher rhetoric [according to one of my other students who overheard me from the hall], wearing a classic dark outfit helps.

Anyways, I bought this grey pinstriped pencil skirt on September 1st, my official first day of work. Right after a new teachers' faculty meeting, I went straight to Banana Republic before hitting the gym and bought two outfits: a gorgeous, sexy grey dress (also worn constantly, although not yet featured here) and this skirt. It's become such a basic staple that I kind of can't believe I haven't owned it for ten years. The pencil shape is fun, I love grey, and pinstripes give it a sort of authority that I can't always achieve (unless I'm yelling at a class!).

Behold me awkwardly perching on my desk:

I'm such a dweeb.

Black t-shirt: H & M, remixed
Grey pinstriped pencil skirt: Banana Republic
Grey patterned tights: Gap
Black flats: Me Too, by way of DSW, remixed

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