Sunday, May 2, 2010

How I wore it: a master builder

Today was off to the new place again to finish building our Ikea stuff: we now have five new bookshelves and the majority of a couch... we just need new bolts [thanks again for not including the instructions in our package!]. The weather turned to true summer weather today (and for much of the coming week!), so I celebrated by wearing sandals and a tank top and my favorite summer pants:

Although you can't see the details, those pants are actually seersucker, striped light blue on white. They are my favorite non-jean pants. I bought them on the same trip where I first bought my infamous tube tops and I didn't wear them until my second date with my now-husband, the first official dinner date. I love them madly: they're cool and comfortable and perfect for travel. I'm already thinking of what to pack over the summer [for Germany and Greece] and these pants will probably make the cut. Because I love them.

Notice also my Birkenstocks. I was a hippy wannabe many years ago (fortunately it corresponded with my brother studying at Berkeley) and I still show off my hippiness-at-heart by wearing Birks. They're my favorite walking sandal and I genuinely think they're pretty. I had a traditional brown pair for eight years, but the monsoons in India killed them, so I went without for a couple of years until I found this black suede pair which I love. LOVE.

Here I am ready to put yet another bookshelf together...

Shoes and pants off, husband's cargo shorts on. Let's do this thing.

Normal outfit:
Black tank: H & M
Seersucker pants: Gap
Black Birkenstocks: via Tip Top Shoes in New York

Worker outfit:
Khaki cargo pants: my husband's, bought by his mother at a discount clothing store in Sparta

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