Sunday, September 13, 2015

What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man...

A little over a week ago, I got an e-mail from Frye (because I stupidly registered for their mailing list) telling me what was new for fall. In their e-mail, they featured these booties:

These are the Ray Belted Booties and I fell in love. I have noticed in the past few years that my own aesthetic has been unconsciously admiring that new/old alt-folk look - you know, well-worn oxfords and booties and vests and maybe suspenders. The younger teaching fellows that swarm my school in the fall always look like they belong in Mumford and Sons (for a hilarious look at that fashion, check this out). In fact, I describe one of my young colleagues' look as 'Amish chic.' Because that is exactly what it looks like.

Anyway, these booties spoke to me on that primal, "maybe she's in a bluegrass band" level. I love that they're already distressed: they look as if they've belonged to one forever and gone on amazing adventures.

But they also cost $328, so after admiring them wistfully on the internet, I deleted that e-mail. However. However. My husband is a very good man. He decided to buy them for me. He was going to wait until October (so that the September paycheck could kick in), but it's been a little hard at home - he has a piece due and I've been taking care of Baby Boots all by myself - so he ordered them for me last weekend from Zappos. They arrived Friday morning. 

Here is what they look like in person:

Pay no attention to the messy closet in the background. Dig that fun tote bag, though...

They are... amazing. My husband literally gasped when I pulled them out of the box. I love them so much. I feel as if I could be in a Traveling Wilburys video while wearing them. I could hang out with George Harrison, Bob Dylan, and Tom Petty in these boots. 

Here is a view of them on my feet:


I cannot wait to wear them and to see what I'll do with them, naturally. The weather is supposed to warm up quite a bit again this week, so it'll be a while, but, oh man, I cannot wait. Skinny jeans, skirts, leggings ... the sky's the limit with these beauties. 

I felt so guilty about another pair of boots that I immediately donated my old black Fluevog booties. They were never the right shape for me and they were a wreck. All my outfits with them? Imagine how much better they look with these! Can't wait.


  1. What great boots! You have to wear them this week, weather be damned!

  2. This shoes are really manly , I appreciate your thinking. But looking so wonderful with this jeans and also be looked so stunning with non iron dress shirts . the outfit will be awesome. You have had a good collection of shoes . This pair is pretty good.