Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How I wore it: duplicates

Oof, we are experiencing our first full work/school week and it's a killer! I'm tired and grumpy and underslept and it's only Tuesday. How is it only Tuesday?!

Despite my exhaustion (or maybe it's what's causing my exhaustion), I'm still gamely on the bike every morning. The weather warmed up beautifully after a short cold snap, so we're getting cool mornings (in the low 60s) and hot afternoons (in the low 80s). Dressing for these weather variables and the bike has been a challenge, so I've been dealing with it as best I can ...

... by duplicating successful outfits from the past. Don't expect me to post much this week, folks: all my outfits are ones that I've worn/biked in before and today's was no exception:

Except for the leggings and shoes, I wore this outfit almost exactly a year ago. I bought these newish leggings last spring and the Chucks have become my favorite bike commuting footwear.

I know that these crazily patterned leggings and flat sneakers do no favors for my legs - they are curvy and muscular enough as it is, without being stumpified further by a problematic hem, a busy pattern, and flat, rounded shoes. But you know what? I don't care. It was very cheerful to look down at my leggings all day and I was functional and comfy throughout my hours at work. I call that a win. 

I'm off to collapse: have a great week, folks!

Green dress: J Crew Factory, remixed
Leggings: Threads 4 Thought, by way of Whole Foods
Chucks: Converse store, remixed

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