Thursday, September 3, 2015

How I wore it: fifth first day of school

Today was the first real day of school at work, an actual day - after a little over a week of meetings/preparation/terror - where I saw my students and taught class. Today marks the beginning of my FIFTH year at my job. I actually calculated that it's my 27th first day back to school (non-consecutive), which also makes me realize that I've been a student / teacher for wayyyyyy too long.

Anyway, I had an outfit in mind for today for a while back and I did end up wearing it. Since it was the first real day back, I thought I'd "dress up" for a bit, wear contacts, and not bike. Thursdays are my general day off from biking anyways because of after-school faculty meetings, but today's was cancelled. I still decided to take the day off from cycling in order to take advantage of a free commute (the school bus!) and to wear my new-to-me duds. The commute was horrible, as they started doing a full-scale construction job in the center of the next town over, which happens to be my stop when I bike. The school bus got super delayed there too (it stops there), so you really can't win. Ugh. I'm leaving early tomorrow and seeing if I can somehow maneuver it.

Enough about that, though. Let's cut to the chase. Today I decided to wear a dress that belonged to my mother. It was one of my favorites of hers: she bought it in 1979 (so it's older than I am!) and it was, like, a "big" purchase. She's worn it a lot on nice summer/vacation dinners out and I have a lot of fond travel associations with it. She was cleaning some stuff out this summer and I happened to see the dress and mention that I'd always liked it, so she just fobbed it off on me. I don't think I look as good in it as she does, but here it is:

Nice of me to do my hair, huh?

Despite having that drawstring at the waist, it still kind of droops on me. It's weird: my mom and I have a very similar body type and we're roughly the same size and I'm taller than she is, but...I don't know: I don't wear it with the same panache that she did. Could another issue be the dress-up factor? I find it hard to wear clothes that my mother rocks because I kind of feel like a little kid grubbing around in her closet. Anyways, I think that one thing that would really help would be to belt this sucker. With a real belt: that way we could define the waist and just go a long way in reflecting my true shape. It's a lovely dress, though: raw silk! And a few different students commented positively on it, so that was nice. I have a more "me" outfit planned tomorrow, though, so I hope I feel more like myself. 

So I've owned those mustard/yellowy flats since 2009! They're such a versatile workhorse, but oh my God. They squeak like crazy (this is relatively recent) and they've started rubbing on different parts of my feet and leaving angry marks. Is it time to get rid of them? I love them SO MUCH, though. What do you think?

Well, tomorrow marks the second day of school and then we break for a long weekend! Not a moment too soon (kidding. Maybe?)!

Dress: my mother's, no label, bought in 1979
Yellow flats: New West by way of DSW, remixed

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