Thursday, September 10, 2015

How I wore it: LBD

This summer for me was all about the LBD...

... the long black dress, that is!

I retired my old, five-year-old striped maxi in the spring, as it had stretched too much for me to be comfortable wearing it. So I bought myself a black, racerback maxi from Old Navy [side note: I just bought two new short, bike-able dresses from Old Navy and I can't wait until they arrive!] and and have been wearing it on and off since basically mid-May. I wore it to commencement at my husband's work, I wore it to my own school's graduation, and I wore it at least once a week in Greece. Today was the first time I'd worn it to a normal work day and it was the perfect choice for the transitional weather from hot and humid to rainy and slightly cooler:

I wore a lightweight linen jacket in the morning and in the afternoon, when the A/C at my faculty meeting got a little intense, but I was basically like this all day, as it was very hot and humid in my classrooms. It's the simplest thing ever, no? Just a long black dress. I think it cost me a little over $20. But, for some reason, when I wear it, I feel magical. It's flattering and hugs me in all the right places - three different female students gushed over it today, including one girl that is not that fond of me (we didn't have a great...classroom experience together). I paired it with my old moccasins, which you can't see so very well, but I promise they're there. 

I have some exciting boot news to share soon (sigh) and I'm already a little overwhelmed with getting back to the grind, but... we're inching closer to the weekend, so I'm feeling happy... Happy Thursday evening!

Black maxi dress: Old Navy (online)
Moccasins: Minnetonka, by way of Lord and Taylor (New York), remixed

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