Friday, September 11, 2015

How I wore it: think pink

I never was a kid who was crazy into pink as a little girl. Nor was I the kind of kid who hated it, rejecting all the feminine froufrou that I was supposed to like. It was just...there. I don't remember wearing much of it as a kid - probably because my mom doesn't particularly like it that much, I don't think, and she didn't tend to dress me in it.

In my adolescence, like a typical New York kid, I discovered black and never looked back.

But as I've grown older, I've shown a marked preference for pink accessories: my old Filofax was pink, my iPad cover is pink, and I chose a bright turquoise/pink phone case last year when I updated my cell. You saw my Marimekko dress last week and I think it's clear...I do pink, now.

Today I didn't bike into work because it was pretty drizzly all day long. So I decided to wear my man-repeller pants with some colorful elements:

No comment on Baby Boots' amazing color story today. Or her bewildered expression.

I've owned that striped tank top for a couple of years now - you can see it in one of my posts over a year ago, but the denim jacket is pretty recent - from the spring. The pants continue to photograph awkwardly and I think that is mostly the fault of the camera angle: if you could see my ankles, as you could in real life, the line of my legs/pants would be a little less stumpifying. Since it was cool today, I kept the jacket on for most of the day, although I did take it off when overly impassioned in class. 

You can't see it well, but I added a fabric rose hair clip in my bun today. Since I kept my jewelry simple (light silver pieces), I thought it would be fun to add some visual interest to my hair. I bought two of these rose clips in CVS YEARS ago...I think even before I cut off all my hair in 2011! The first time I wore one of them in public was earlier this summer, when I went to a friend's place for dinner wearing this exact same outfit. I liked the effect, so I recreated it today. 

And that's all, folks! I'm exhausted from our four-day week (not even a full week!) and I'm ready for the weekend to start. I have exciting boot news to share, so stay tuned!

Jean jacket: Old Navy (online)
Pink striped tank: Gap
Black pants: Gap (online), remixed
Chucks: Converse store, remixed

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