Friday, September 4, 2015

How I wore it: Chucks on with Saint Laurent

You guys, it was the second full day of classes today and I am COOKED. I was able to bike commute today and it made everything bearable, as did the temporary cooler temperatures (it has been HOT here), but oh my word. Who would've thought that two full days of classes could be so tiring?

As I mentioned yesterday, while I liked my back-to-school ensemble, it was missing something. Between the lack of glasses, the different silhouette, and ... I don't know ... some sort of missing ingredient, I didn't feel like myself very much. And that can be tough. But today? Hoo boy, I felt like myself.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a full-length picture of me today, so you'll have to imagine all of the following elements together...

When I went shopping on Newbury Street back in June for our summer trip to Greece, I entered the Marimekko store there on a whim. And we left with a dress for me, a tote bag, a dress for Baby Boots, and an outfit for our little goddaughter in Athens. The dress I chose is COMPLETELY different from my previous style, but oh my goodness, I love it so much. Here you go:

I don't know if you can tell, but there is exaggerated drapery in the waist/hip area, which would've been anathema for me in the past, but when I tried this dress on back in June, I fell in love. I took it with me to Greece and wore it about once a week, if not more often. It was definitely my "cool girl in Athens" dress. 

Here is a wrinkled view of it in a terrible selfie:

I am hot, no?

Yikes. I didn't realize how wrinkled my dress was (all day?! ALL SUMMER?!) until I took this picture. But you can KIND of see how it falls on me from kind of an upper view. I guess I'll have to take a full-body picture later. I'm sure you'll see this dress again before too long...

Here is how the bottom half of my body looked:

Yup, I wore my new Chucks for the very first time! They were comfy and great and all the kids really liked them. Only one kid commented on my dress, but he happens to be an amazing tailor/designer, so I'm glad that he of all people stopped to compliment my crazy drapey dress. 

Because I was biking today, I wore my shorter black leggings under the dress: perfect combo. 

And just because, here's a selfie of the ladies of the house:

Forgive the weird Baby Boots shot: she is entranced with 'Monsters Inc'  and I didn't realize how odd she came out. And, yes, she is also wearing stripes. 

Aaaand THAT is how my head looked today. Glasses and all. And I loved it.

My American reader(s), are you excited for this three-day weekend? Woot woot! Have a great one!

Striped dress: Marimekko
Black leggings: Adidas, by way of TJ Maxx, remixed
Beatles Converse sneakers: Arkham Prints shop: on

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