Friday, September 18, 2015

How I wore it: sleeve on my heart

One of my favorite guilty-pleasure long-reads is the novel Shantaram, by Gregory David Roberts. It's supposedly based on true events and it's a fun adventure read, but it's not great literature. I bought it in India for 740 rupees when I was studying in Pune in 2004. I had brought very little reading material with me, being mindful of my suitcase, so I quickly found myself with nothing to read. I went to a bookstore with some friends and I found Shantaram, bought it, and have been devouring it regularly since then.

Anyway, in the book there's one character, an Indian named Vikram, who loves the whole cowboy/Sergio Leone aesthetic and tends to dress in black with pointed-shoe cowboy boots, a hat hanging from his neck, and (American) western designs on his shirts. One character, famed for her cleverness in wordplay, says that he's the kind of person who wears "his sleeve on his heart." The narrator/main character says that he finds this kind of remark slightly unkind and confesses that he admires a person who can live out his obsession so whole-heartedly.

This is a long introduction to say that I wore my Beatles sneakers today. Along with some other stuff:

Meet Monkey, y'all.

When I bought this buffalo plaid dress last year, I had no idea how often I'd wear it. I mean I more than got my money's worth for it: it's good for biking, it's excellent as a winter layering piece... it's great. As I was going through my closet this morning, I was wondering if today would be my last wear of it, though, as I have so much in this pattern, and this silhouette isn't particularly one of my favorites. However, once I had it on, I changed my mind. Three different people complimented the whole look, and you'll be indifferent happy to know that I decided to keep it. 

Not much else to say about that. Back to the shoes, though, which you can't really see... I don't know. Anyone who meets me knows pretty quickly what I'm about (India, Beatles, biking...), but I like showing it, too. I like having a ukulele necklace and a lot of Beatles clothes. I like wearing my sleeve on my heart. Or, in this case, my feet. I mean, I know how to dress appropriately for any occasion: what's wrong with having a little fun the other days?

Buffalo plaid dress: Old Navy (online), remixed
Black leggings: Adidas, by way of TJ Maxx, remixed
Beatles sneakers: ArkhamPrints shop, on Etsy, remixed.

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