Saturday, August 22, 2015


You guys, I totally had a post planned out about how Baby Boots is totally my style icon and how we were inadvertently dressed similarly today and ha ha how cute are we?! But I didn't get a photo in time and next thing I knew, I was wearing (so-called) harem pants and an old tank and sleeping, so, yeah, different post.

People, my jet lag is SO BAD. It's never been this bad, even after I came home from a summer in India. Granted, I was eleven years younger, but DAMMMN. It has an exciting sprinkling of insomnia mixed in, too. I wake up every morning at about 4 or 5 and then just STAY AWAKE. Sometimes I nap (school hasn't started yet). Basically, I've been watching a lot of 'Parks and Recreation' and crying (I really like that show, okay? And I'm really tired). I bought some natural sleep remedies today at Whole Foods, so I'm hoping that maybe I'll do better tonight...

Anyways, let me make this amazing announcement I've been hoping to make for a few days:

I've decided to be a little less subtle about how much I like the Beatles. 

Yes, for my birthday a little over two weeks ago, I bought myself Beatles-printed high top Chucks from this shop on Etsy [check it out! There are so many awesome prints!]. They arrived today. I cannot WAIT to wear them. I'm thinking first day of school, yes? Too much? 

Aren't they amazing, though? Why have I never thought of it before? BEATLES SNEAKERS. I mean, the mind boggles! 

[Totally not kidding, Baby Boots and I are watching 'Yellow Submarine' on the couch right now as we speak. I have a problem.]

Anyway, thanks for indulging this bit of silliness. Hopefully I'll have real outfits up here again soon. Watch this space.

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