Sunday, May 5, 2013

How I wore it: all dressed up and nowhere to go

Today was Easter for the Orthodox church and my husband, baby, and I celebrated accordingly. Well, more like my husband and I... Last night [Saturday], we went to church quite late and left Baby Boots sleeping, surrounded by adoring grandparents (my folks are in town!). We came home a little after 1 AM and feasted with some friends, old and new. My husband really wanted to take Baby Boots to get communion - I think he regretted not showing her off in church last night - so we went back to this same church a few hours after we'd last left it, at the time when the priest's wife told us they would be having a service before the traditional Easter Agape mass. However, after getting our asses out of bed only a few hours after going to sleep, getting dressed, and getting over there, the church was padlocked shut until the traditional mass ... which would be an hour later. So we headed back home and ate instead. Before changing into comfy clothes, though, we snapped some pictures.

I decided to finally début the white Banana Republic Mad Men dress I'd gotten from my husband for our sixth-year anniversary as a couple last year [It's kind of funny reading that post, as so much has changed. I'm STILL nursing Baby Boots now, a year later, and there was nothing wrong with my breast milk in the first place!]. I have issues with white, but I thought when would be better than a balmy Easter Sunday in May?

Now I had some issues with legwear. I gravitated toward grey tights and then I was stuck. My husband suggested my red wedges, which is what I went with, but I regret that. Any better thoughts, Style Nation?

Picture of the three of us courtesy of my father. I look weirdly disproportionate, but you can see my whole outfit in this one!

I was pleasantly surprised by the white dress, actually feeling pretty good in it, rather than self-conscious.

Meanwhile, Baby Boots is rocking a Diane von Furstenburg dress for Baby Gap that we just couldn't resist buying. In the above photo, you can see more of the pattern, but up top you can see the gorgeous pleating detail. Baby Gap is our weakness, yo.

All right, folks. Back to bed!

White dress: gift from my husband, via Banana Republic (online), Mad Men collection
Grey patterned tights: Gap, remixed
Red shoes: CL by Laundry, by way of DSW, remixed


  1. Nude microfishnets (if you need tights) and light colored metallic shoes -- or metallic sandals.

    I have a white dress that I'm still coming to terms with.

  2. I second Cynthia's suggestion - metallics look great with white! I have a pair of silverish-goldish sandals (seriously I can't tell which they are) that I usually wear with my white dress. Gray or tan shoes with no tights would probably work too.

    I really wish I had snatched that dress up last year, it's so cute!

  3. Thanks, guys! Metallic is a nice idea - trying to think if I have anything...