Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How I wore it: driving and jazz

Hey, guys! I hope you (Americans) had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Our Monday off wasn't so much a Monday "off," as a "summer Monday" for my husband, as his school has let out, and just a normal "2010-2011 Monday" for me, as I haven't worked in a real job in almost a year. Either way, though, we had a blast. My husband, who's an excellent driver (homeboy learned in Athens: he can parallel-park in the most teeny spaces), has decided to FINALLY get his American license, so he got his learner's permit last week and was practicing with a friend yesterday. I tagged along. He did a good job. And, yes, I, too, plan to learn how to drive at some point.

(No, I don't know how to drive. Stop judging. I'm a stereotypical New Yorker who lived in the main part of Philadelphia for nine years. Never needed to drive. Now I kinda do. Stupid relocating...)

Anyway, after spending some time melting with sweat at our friends' home (they don't have A/C and it hit about 85 degrees yesterday), we went out again to try out a newly-discovered pan-Asian restaurant with a gluten-free menu and then to listen to a friend's jazz quintet. Which was AMAZING (and I don't tend to like jazz). This is what I wore:

"I'm a little teapot, short and stout..."

Guys, I legit need to work on giving better face in photos. Maybe the three episodes of "America's Next Top Model" I watched on Sunday will give me some pointers... 

As you can probably tell, the weather continues to be nice and warm in my New England abode. Yesterday it was just an issue of choosing a dress and sandals. That black dress is the same one I wore here and I don't think I've worn it since then. Due to my winter weight loss, the fit is the best it's ever been, but the shoulder ties continue to piss me off and I'm seriously considering not packing it for the summer this year, although I did miss it last year...

Ach, decisions, decisions. In other news, how are YOU all? 

Black dress: The Hempest (a hemp-based store in Boston), remixed
Brown sandals: gift from friends, remixed 


  1. No! Don't leave it behind! It's so lovely on you! What if you had the straps made into legit spaghettis instead of ties? What if you criss-crossed them front and back - or does that mess up the chestal covers?

    There must be some way to make it less pissy.

  2. As I write this, it's 84.9 degrees in my apartment. Not having a/c blows! Not having to drive is nice though. I have a license since I grew up in Ohio, where driving is pretty essential, but I gave my car away last year and haven't looked back :)

    I agree with A-Dubs on fixing the straps of the dress rather than parting with it - it looks great on you!

  3. I totally love this dress, you need to wear it all summer long since it looks so amazing.

    Oh and no worries on not driving. All you're missing is being responsible for avoiding others on the road and high gas prices. Nothing good!

  4. Oh, pretty dress. I like the idea of fixing the straps! I learned how to drive when I was 16 but that's rural living for ya!
    Are you loving the warm weather!?

  5. A-Dubs, you're a genius. I mean, I love the dress, but I never even THOUGHT about modifying the straps.

    Don't worry, Anne. I love the dress except for the floppy straps. I might not wear it all summer, but I certainly won't leave it behind. We'll see how strap-modification works.

    Cassy, I personally don't really want to deal with the responsibility/money-suck that comes with owning a car, but my husband is ready for it. Boo...

    Allison, I am ADORING the warm weather.

  6. Fancy! I agree, get something done with the straps, and keep wearing the dress.