Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How I wore it: irresponsible

So my husband and I just finished watching 'The Hangover' (in preparation for the sequel next week) because I'm a responsible adult who's supposed to be working on her dissertation. Don't worry - I did some work! But ya gotta eat, right? And, yes, usually my husband and I watch TV/movies while eating our meals. We're disgusting.

Even more irresponsible? We spent quite a few hours out today. You see, my husband is technically on summer vacation as of a couple of days ago (although he has a few more adult classes to teach), so - being unused to actually HAVING him around and at leisure - I'm taking advantage of his free time and we're trying to hang out together as much as possible. We moseyed around and window-shopped. In the rain.

This angle makes my hair look weird and bumpily fluffy

You can tell that I'm very excited about continuing to wear my new rain boots. Now, Miss B in my last post astutely commented that I had been yearning for rain so that I could wear the boots. But, I gotta admit - I'm tired of waking to 40-something-degree weather and rain/fog/drizzle/potential apocalypse. At least the boots still give me a bit of a thrill when I put them on and added some badassery to the jeggings and David Bowie tee (not like David Bowie needs more badass help). 

While window-shopping, I fell in love with two garments. The first was a dress from Banana Republic that I saw in a photo in the window. I think it was this one:

photo from the website linked above

Sorry for the blurriness: the photo's original size is teeny-tiny. Pretty, no? I love the straplessness and the pretty olive paisley pattern. 

I also saw a long (seemingly?) button-down from Brooks Brothers, but I can't find it online, so...use your imaginations: it was awesome. Alas, though, we're not in a position to buy expensive clothes right now, so I had to drool longingly from a distance. Oh, well.

Good thing I was responsible about something, no?

David Bowie tee: Gap, remixed
Blue jeggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor, remixed
Blue boots: Steve Madden, remixed


  1. I have that Bowie shirt too! Mine is getting the tiniest hole in it, though, so now I try not to wear it too much

  2. A David Bowie tee is always badass! Sounds like a pretty fun day, and I'm also getting quite sick of waking up with cold and rainy weather... I am currently trying to convince myself to go running in the rain.

  3. Count me in for being totally over 40 degree rainy-ish weather! It's 50 here this morning, but misty and humid (which totally ruined my hair!). Would a warm sunny day be too much?

    Glad to hear you and the hubs had a nice day together though! And Fella and I always watch tv at dinner, so don't feel too bad :) We talk to each other all day, so tv at dinner isn't the worst thing.

  4. Awww, boo, Cassy! Boo to holes in the shirts!

    Oh, Allison. Running in the rain is my threshold. I ran in 20-degree weather over winter, but if there's precipitation? Back to the gym I go.

    Anne, my husband has actually (d)evolved into watching TV with EVERY MEAL. Even if he's alone. That's just weird.

  5. Oh Chalkdust! SOMEONE had to say it. But I understand, spring has always been my least favorite season because of all the rain and cold.
    I'm glad you got to spend some time with your husband, sometimes time off is as important as time working (nothing comes to mind right now, but it sounds good!). And I dig the shirt, very badass.

  6. Oh, Miss B, you're totally right. I am looking forward to warmer temps now, though...