Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rain: I don't mind

Ahhh, is there anything better than listening to Queen hard-core for the first time in about five years while baking surprise brownies for a very stressed husband (yes, I am an awesome wife...)?

... I didn't think so.

I think most people know this about me, especially if they've spent any time with me, but I HATE the rain. A lot. Although I'm frickin' sick of snow, I still prefer it to rain. At least you can walk in it. With rain, I always mess up the umbrella, my glasses get wet, and the surroundings look so saaaad. I'm also afraid of thunderstorms. So, yeah. I don't like the rain.

... But all that might change, because people? My Steve Madden rain boots arrived today and I'm in LOVE. I've never had a purely utilitarian piece of clothing be so darn pretty, but lord, I love 'em.

I didn't put on make-up today, so you just get the lower leg shot. At least I put on vaguely cute and totally unseasonal shorts for the purpose of this photo shoot! 

Aren't they cute? And, dare I say it? ... Even flattering? If you want to know the sad truth about me, throughout college and grad school I wore my 14-hole Doc Martens as rain/snow boots. When I moved to Boston, I bought a pair of real snow boots, but they died the middle of last school year, so I just wear my tough, blue Fryes for inclement weather. So now I have real rain boots! Which are cute!

I love that I could theoretically wear these with any of my clothes and not look like a galoshes-wearing dork. Metal details at the top and heel? Love. I mean, wouldn't these be awesome if I juxtaposed them with a cute dress for work? Or even pants, because my new job doesn't have a dress code. I got goosebumps. 

So, yes, I'm pretty in love with the overall attractiveness of these boots. But my favorite detail?

Definitely the yellow contrasting zipper. For some reason, I can't WAIT to wear these to work next year. Finally, I won't look like an ungainly drowned rat in the rain! 

So, as you can tell by all my gushing and squeeing, I really want to jump in some puddles now. Fortunately, tomorrow's forecast calls for cooler temperatures and showers. 

I don't even know myself, people! 


  1. My beef with rain is the bad hair day that always goes along with it.
    Those are definitely some awesome rain boots. Enjoy your puddle stomping!

  2. Those rain boots are aah-mazing!! Very pretty AND practical! Awesome!

    Hope you get some good puddles to jump in!

  3. See, Allison, that was ANOTHER issue I had with the rain, but now that I have almost no hair, it's not as much as a problem!

    Thanks, Mel! The saleslady told me that they were totally leak-proof, so I'm totally gonna do a little Gene Kelly "Singin' in the Rain" action...

  4. You're listening to Queen, but meanwhile I can't get that Beatles song out of my head!

    These may be the most stylish, least rain boot-looking rain boots ever! I was stoked to hop through puddles when I got mine a few springs back. Now, not so much. Enjoy the rain!

  5. These are Bad A$$ rainboots. Bad A$$!

    Also, have I ever weighed in on how much I love your haircut. It is amazing! (It's also my haircut but it's still amazing on you.)

  6. Thanks, Anne! Yay for catching the tune! I think I'll be excited to hop through puddles for exactly one day. Tomorrow. Then I'll go back to grumbling! :)

    Aww, DM, thank you! Yay for short hair, no? How long have you had yours short? Mine was like this for two and a half years before I decided to grow it out about five years ago. Now I'm solidly back on the short-hair train...

  7. I share your hatred for rain. After working in FL where when it rained we just didn't work I now dub all rain days as days off.
    I freaking love the boots! I agree, the back zip contrast makes these boots. And yes, they are flattering! Prob some of the best money spent.

  8. Miss B, I would totally prefer 'rain days' to 'snow days.' And I'm no longer feeling guilty about buying myself a present: the boots are awesome and totally necessary. Win!