Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How I wore it: twister?!

People, there was a TORNADO in Massachusetts, today. Granted, the big storms didn't really come near us - just caused lots of rain and wind - but it was still eerie to watch the footage on TV while being told by the weather service to stay away from windows.

Fortunately, the small errands that we had to run did not correspond with any periods of rain (or worse), so I was able to dress comfortably for them. I had to go to the doctor this morning for a check-up and decided to go with comfy and easy to slip on/off:

I realize that I've been gravitating a lot toward comfy material and neutral colors recently. I don't know why, but I'm kind of boring myself. The above isn't by any means an interesting (or even, in some angles, flattering) outfit, but - as you can probably guess - it was comfy and allowed me to spend the day like this, even throughout naps (yup) and lots of TV-watching (I'm waiting to hear from my advisor). 

I feel, much like I did back in March, that I'm kind of in a rut again. I've been vaguely unsatisfied with my hair (I still like the style/length [or lack thereof], but...something about it seems off) and bored stiff of my make-up. Me. Bored with black eyeliner. Maybe I need to change up my look a bit. Any suggestions? 

My own suggestion to myself? MORE COLOR. I'm dying here with the black and grey. And if I'm saying this about myself, you can probably guess that the situation is a little dire...

Grey striped tee: Gap (purchased in 2006, never featured, I don't think)
Black skirt: Dress Barn, remixed
Sandals: gift from friends, remixed


  1. Glad to hear you avoided the tornado! That's crazy. And yes, definitely add some color! That's a great way to get out of a style rut. Colorful make-up might be fun - add some colored shadow with that black eyeliner. But I definitely get into the comfort rut in the summer. Sure, I could dress nice, but I just want to wear comfy skirts and dresses that will keep me cool.

  2. I'm packing for a trip to Vancouver, and I gave myself explicit "No Grey" instructions. It's summer, dammit - time for color!

    When I lived in Mass, we had a hurricane. But it was hard to get scared, since it was called Hurricane Bob. I also lived through the storm featured in The Perfect Storm. 14 days of rain and me having to go Trick o' Treating as a fisherman so I could wear rain gear (but a rubber lobster was involved, so there's that).

  3. Glad that you survived the tornado! Scary stuff!
    I have a hard time dressing in the summer. I get hot and retain water and want nothing but easy, comfortable clothes. Buttons? Pfff. I have no time for buttons.
    Maybe a new colour would help? Or some fun jewelry? Good luck!!

  4. Well, Anne, I'm glad to hear I'm not alone. Choosing just seems so HARD!

    Katie, good call. When I pack for Europe, I'll probably be able to whittle my choices down and pack some more stuff. I ... want to know more about that Halloween...

    Allison, I think you just gave me permission to buy fun jewelry. Am I right?!

  5. Colored eyeliner? I'm a fan of navy and purple, myself. Not together, though.

  6. Kelly! Welcome back! I used to love my green eyeliner, which I wore daily for about ten years, but... maybe I should go back to a color (my green one's been discontinued)...

  7. Wendy, I am dying to try out red lips, but I always fear they look a little "too much" on me. Is it time to embrace the red?