Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What are you doing the rest of your life?

So I really dislike 'Sex and the City,' although - like many women of my generation - I've probably seen every episode of the series (never the movies, though). I think Sarah Jessica Parker is a terrible actress and I find most of the characters repellant. The most cringe-worthy moment of the entire series for me is when Carrie sees those famous shoes in the window and coos the now-iconic line, "Hello, lover!" I never imagined myself in those circumstances...

... Until today. For fun, I bought myself the June issue of 'Glamour' while I was shopping for groceries. After breakfast, I lounged on my couch and flipped through the magazine. And I came upon a Tiffany ad for a "new" Elsa Peretti line (according to my mother, one of the first things she did with Tiffany, so maybe a reissue?). And I went to the Tiffany site. And found it.

The new necklace of my dreams:

photo from the Tiffany site.

This little beauty is a sterling silver bottle pendant with a turquoise stopper! And it's a mere $625! Granted, they have smaller, simpler, less expensive (and just as beautiful) models, such as this one, this one, or this little beaut, but - as you can imagine - I love the turquoise on the model shown. Although I would gladly accept any of the pendants. There are even gold ones, but I didn't even check their prices... 

I've never been a huge Elsa Peretti fan, I'll be honest. I think many of her designs are beautiful, but a little too chunky for my taste and, let's face it, if I'm in Tiffany in the first place, I'm not gonna be looking at silver hearts, y'know? But these bottles? Which can hold flowers? I'm totally sold.

Now, I'm not proud I did this, but I called my mom at work and slobbered about the pretty necklace. She giggled and said that she remembered when they first came out and people actually did wear them with flowers inside (gasp!). And she reminded me that my thirtieth birthday is under three months away. Think she'd spring for a joint "your daughter's 30!"/"your deadbeat daughter finally has a Ph.D. in a useless field" present? 

... Why not?


  1. Psh, you need the expensive one. Go big or go home. It would be totally awesome if you got it for your birthday, though. Like if your mom rallied everyone to chip in some and it was like this big group surprise!

  2. It's so cute--do you think you might actually keep a tiny fresh flower in it sometimes? (And hey, at least you didn't fall for the $3,850 gold version!)

  3. Hillary, I think I spoke too soon. After spending several hours on the Tiffany site, I, too, am becoming an Elsa fan. And you wear your heart jewelry with class.

    Sue, wouldn't it be CUTE with a flower? God, so awesome!

    Cassy, I love how you think. I'm gonna keep on dropping not-subtle-at-all hints to my parents. Because they don't support me ENOUGH while I'm not working, right...?

  4. Wow, I wish my mom would buy me one of those for my 30th! Instead, since I'm growing up now, I got a Home Depot gift card. Paint just isn't as cool as jewelry.

    That's SO cool that people used to wear those with flowers in the necklaces!

  5. I'm still wishin', Anne! When I drop my non-subtle hints, we'll see what kind of reception they get...

  6. That's pretty fab. I can't remember what my parents did for me when I finally got my deadbeat self through the Ph.D. They might have yawned.