Friday, May 6, 2011

How I wore it: bright May

Folks, it's a girly riot today. I'm currently on my couch watching 'Mean Girls' - although I've had dinner, I'm contemplating popcorn and a raspberry hard cider. If I'm up for it and not asleep, I'll put in 'Miss Congeniality.' Tomorrow? 'Les demoiselles de Rochefort.'

... It's Friday night, folks.

The weather was gorgeous today, people. My walk to my favorite running path was like a Disney movie: geese, chipmunks, and bluebirds doing my laundry. I had my French lesson with my two teenage girls and decided to dress brightly for the occasion, especially after yesterdays' cooler weather (but no rain!):

My green tunic was a little too boobular for a semi-professional French lesson, so I put on a light scarf, dupatta-style, to cover up my chestal arena. In other news, my sad, faint suspicion about my seersucker pants came true: one of my girls asked me if I was wearing my pajamas. DAMMIT. They still continue to be my favorite non-jean pants. They're comfy enough to feel as if I'm wearing PJs. And now, apparently, it looks like it, too. 

It looks as if there'll be rain in the near future, folks. And potential (AAHH, Kevin Gnapoor's rap! YES! My favorite part of the whole movie!) family festivities on Sunday. Rain boots? Festivities? Sounds like good weekend plans...

Green tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Seersucker pants: Gap, remixed
Moccasins: Minnetonka, remixed
Scarf: H&M


  1. Mean Girls, popcorn and cider all sound amazing right now

  2. I think the pants would probably seem less pajama like without a tunic over the top. Even my favorite wideleg sundance pants can look a little pajama-y if the top is too long in proportion.

  3. Sounds like a stellar evening! I keep hearing something about pajama-style pants being all the rage this season, so you're covered. Just direct the tutee to read the latest edition of In Style ;)

  4. Cassy, it was MAGICAL.

    Good point, Cynthia - maybe seeing the non-elastic waistband would help a little...

    Allison, next time I'm gonna cut out the middleman and just wear my flannel PJs...

  5. We were in the same mind set yesterday it seems, but just what the Dr. ordered. I like the scarf fashioned as chest camo.
    I'm hoping for rain so I can see these awesome boots again.

  6. Dude, I missed the chance today. It was sunny when I got dressed, so I wore normal shoes and I got hit by a thunderstorm. The fates are against me wearing my new boots!!!

  7. "Boobular" is an excellent word.

  8. That sounds like an awesome Friday night. I love "Mean Girls!" I also love the word "boobular," and the color of this tunic on you!

    Here's hoping you get some rain this week. It's in our forecast EVERY DAY from tomorrow until next Saturday, so I'm happy I didn't pack up my rain boots yet.