Thursday, March 31, 2011

How I wore it: cat-and-student-wrangling

Guys, today was the first time since Monday that I left the house (for non-gym/running purposes) and the first time since Monday that I put on make-up; it didn't go well: I poked both my eyeliner brush (remember, I only use liquid liner) and mascara wand into my right eye. I = skilled.

Anyway, today was also the first day since Monday that I had real appointments. I took Amalía to the vet today for her six-month check-up (where she was a scared good girl!), which was less scary than I'd anticipated (my husband doesn't usually work on Thursdays, which is why I made the appointment for today, but he had to go to work, so I was a little nervous about hauling the cat carrier - with squirming cat - ten to fifteen minutes on foot to the local vet. She was fine: no meowing, or worse - sticking her head out of the carrier in an effort to get away). Then I had to go to my tutoring sessions before meeting up with the Greek for an impromptu dinner date. All I wanted was to wear my new boots:

Folks, I LOVE these boots. I only wish they were a teensy bit bigger. I bought them in a 40 (9.5), and I vary between 40 and 41; they only had 40 and they were super-comfy in the store. After a fair amount of walking, my feet felt a little cramped, but nothing too bad. Anyway, for their big début, I kept all my clothes/accessories simple; normally, I'd've worn blue accessories, including jewelry and my new glasses. And I'll definitely do that next time. But for today, I wanted the boots to be the big color splash of the outfit.

When my husband saw this, he asked, "Did Nigel Barker, famed fashion photographer, take this photo?"

Yeah, let's not worry too much about this photo. I'm sure Tyra would approve. The other pleasing thing about these boots? They're waterproof. This is not information I particularly wanted to find out, but the sleety nor'easter that started a few hours ago meant that we all found out stuff we didn't need to know about our clothes. 

People. Snow. On the last day of March. See why I hate New England?!

Black shirt: from Tony's, a boutique in Old City Philadelphia, remixed
Grey jeggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor
Blue boots: Is To Me (?), by way of a boutique on Arenal Street in Madrid


  1. Those boots are awesome, I have boot envy. Tyra would definitely approve. She might even strike a pose for you, and say something about it all being in the eyes.
    And ugh, snow! I feel for you. May it melt quickly.

  2. The boots are cool and I'll bet they'll feel better after you've worn them a few times.

  3. Thanks, everyone! Even my husband was forced to comment on how much he loved them. Yay for periwinkle-blue boots! :)

  4. Those boots are superb! Maybe just give them a chance to get broken in and they'll be a bit more comfy...?

  5. Thanks, LHdM! Every sign seems to indicate that they'll be comfier soon. I hope. :)