Sunday, March 6, 2011

How I wore it: greeter

Not many words tonight, folks: my best friend and her boyfriend are in town, staying in our place for a couple of nights. We had a long night of dinner, drinks, giggling, and reconnecting. The best kind of nights.

After going into a cleaning and cooking frenzy, I decided to look vaguely presentable in order to meet my friend and her man at the bus station. For years, my best friend wore only skirts and almost always punctuated them with colorful tights. In homage to her, this is what I wore:

And that's all she wrote. Happy early Sunday morning!

Purple cardigan: gift from my mother, via Lord and Taylor, remixed
Red dress: Calvin Klein, by way of TJ Maxx, remixed
Yellow tights: Gap, remixed
Boots: Steve Madden, remixed


  1. One thing I totally love about pixie cuts is how fabulously French they make you look! I love this outfit. The color of that dress is gorgeous. :)

  2. So did your friend show up in the same type of outfit you remembered?

  3. Clare, thanks! This dress has become a real workhorse and I plan to take with me when we go to Spain in TWO WEEKS.

    Terri, the funny thing is - NO! She dresses completely differently now and this afternoon, on a long walk through Boston, we were explaining to her boyfriend how she used to dress before. It was a little surreal.

  4. Enjoy the time with your friend! I love the yellow tights!