Monday, March 7, 2011

How I wore it: smiling and laughing and looking so fine...

Five years ago today, I had dinner with a certain Greek man. It was our second date. Our second meeting, to be precise. He had promised to cook me dinner, so I went to his apartment. Maybe it was foolhardy of me, but after a month of e-mailing and a five-hour coffee/dinner/drinks date about a week earlier, I felt as if he probably wasn't a serial killer. Lo and behold, five years later, we're married, own a house and a cat. We banter and sing in Greek and he understands me when I burst out at him in Spanish when I can't the right word in any other language. Yes, people. Today was my five-year-anniversary (as a couple) with my husband.

We had decided not to give each other fancy presents so that we could do so later, in Spain. But I got him a simple button-down from the Gap and he took me out to an amazing French bistro in the South End. He wouldn't tell me where we were going, though - he just said to dress up and meet him at his office at 8 o'clock sharp. So I did:

Look at me with my headband!

People, at the risk of getting weirdos to come and read this site (hey! More readers!), I am a whore for houndstooth. I love it so much. I bought this dress on Election Night of 2008 (the night I decided - wrongly - not to buy the Frye boots of my dreams... I can't link to them: it's too painful.) when I was out with a work friend, killing time before going to another colleague's house. We went into a Loehmanns and I fell in love with this form-fitting dress. When I first bought it, and the last few times I wore it, it was a little less appropriate, as there were more curves to hug, but I still love its shape and cut. Isn't it fun? Since I hadn't worn it since my faculty Christmas party, um, last year, I thought today would be a perfect opportunity to wear it. The yellow Fluevogs seemed like the obvious shoe choice, despite the jarring discrepancy in color. By the way, the 'vogs are getting more and more comfortable with each use: yay! 

So, yeah, that was my anniversary outfit. Too bad I had to cover it up with a cardigan. AND a fleece (I wish I were kidding, but it got COLD today after a couple of days [and a morning!] of relative balminess). Oh, well. At least my base outfit was cute...

What patterns do you like, people? Anyone else out there as much a slobbering fanatic of houndstooth as I am?

Houndstooth dress: Necessary Objects, by way of Loehmanns
Grey tights: Gap, remixed
Yellow boots: John Fluevog, remixed


  1. Short hair and headbands are one of my favorite combinations! I drool whenever Clare rocks 'em, and now I have another lady to add to the roster :)

    I don't think I have strong feelings either way with houndstooth, but I'm a sucker for anything plaid. And lace. And striped. And abstract. So, it's just a matter of time for houndstooth, I suppose...

    Happy, happy anniversary to the two of you (and the cat)!

  2. It is very fun, the whole outfit looks great. I love the headband and necklace with the short hair. Very well done for the 5 year meeting aniniversary!

    Seriously? The boots totally make this freaking outfit. I might steal them from you, just saying.

    One more thing; this makes you look *tiny*. I want to know your workout plan because I am needing some serious help.

  3. Great choice! Happy Anniversary to you both. I don't think I have ever owned anything houndstooth, but I do have a lot of striped. I wouldn't even say I'm all that gaga over stripes. I like florals better, though I don't own that many.

  4. I used to have a houndstooth coat that I wore daily, until the coffee stains on the cream parts of the pattern got too obvious for me to ignore. And until it got to be a few sizes too big. I miss that coat.

  5. Katie, we tried to explain to the cat that it was our five-year anniversary, but I don't think she understood because she's not even two years old (awww...).

    Thanks for the kind words, Miss B. If you steal my boots, I'm stealing your striped pumps. Just sayin'. In terms of working out, I usually either just run or, when I go to the gym, do cardio (elliptical or treadmill) and weights. And my iPod has a calorie/food tracker. That's the real secret.

    Thanks, Cassy! Now I'm trying to think and I don't think I own that many florals!

    Cynthia! A houndstooth coat! Love. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect houndstooth scarf: still haven't found it.

  6. Happy anniversary! And the dress is utterly MARVELOUS on you, lady.

  7. Thanks, Sal! The dress is a favorite, although I don't wear it as often as I'd like.

  8. WooHOO! I check back after a brief sojourn from the blog world and find you looking all new! Love the new haircut. It looks soooo great! I thought I would mourn the loss of your long hair, but I'm so not at all.

    In other news, you're right: the yellow 'vogs are the perfect way to go with this great dress.

    I love houndstooth on others, but I can't make it work on me. It just seems too strong a pattern next to my blondish-brown-hairedness. On you, however, with your perfect bone structure and dark hair, it's perfection.

  9. Happy Anniversary!
    This dress is lovely with your new haircut! The
    neckline frames your face beautifully! I love it with the bright boots.
    I have a pair of vog boots too - they feel better with each wear. A bit stiff at first but now they are perfection :)

  10. Thanks, Allison! Oh, and don't worry: I know all ABOUT your 'Vogs. I'm still angry that I didn't take advantage of that sale in time...

  11. This outfit is fab!!!

    And even though I said this in another post: happy belated anniversary!