Monday, March 14, 2011

How I wore it: it freakin' SNOWED!

Yes, people - despite the relatively balmy temperatures of the past couple of days, today it was raw and unbelieving Cantabrigians (maybe Bostonians also) were subjected to a couple of hours of wispy snowflakes. Ridiculous.

Anyway, despite more than one bout of napping on my couch under a blanket, a cat, and a mediocre mystery novel ('The Dante Club'? Does this get better, people? Have any of you even read it? I was drawn by the description of grisly murders based on the Divine Comedy, and the fact that it took place in Boston with famous historical people. However... it's just not drawing me in and I have a HUGE tolerance for silly mystery novels. I bought it on the street for $5, so I have no qualms giving it away), I actually had to get out of the house to run some errands. The Great Malaise of 2011 continues, though, people, and I really had to think about what I wanted to put on my body. For some reason, I've been yearning for color, so a bright sweater fit the bill:

However, I kind of came to revelation. The reason I'm so stymied and bored with my wardrobe? Um, I don't have that many clothes. I'm pretty sure that every single article of clothing that's in my closet you all have seen. And even if you haven't, it doesn't mean I haven't worn the crap out of it. As you can tell from this blog, I wear clothes over and over again in pretty similar styles and outfits. I'd love to explore my closet and "go shopping" in it, but...there's nothing to shop. I'm bored of all my clothes and am in a huge rut. 

Today I came to the conclusion that I desperately need a couple of things:
  • at least one pair of casual non-leggings (non-jeans?) pants. The ones I'm wearing above are falling off my body and their hems are ridiculously ragged. I already have khaki pants that I love - and it took me a while to FIND khakis that I actually liked - so I'd love to find some nice, multi-seasonal casual pants (like a nice black pair that I can dress up or down, etc.).
  • a utilitarian belt. With my recent weight loss, some of my clothes (particularly THOSE PANTS) need to be hitched up to my waist and all I own are fancy belts that are too wide to fit through most normal pant loops.
I think the above items are real needs, especially when trying to justify buying clothes WITH NO JOB PROSPECTS. Items I want, on the other hand:
  • more tunics. I own a lot of long shirts/tunics with short or nonexistent sleeves. I'd love to find a tunic that I could wear with my leggings and skinny jeans over which I DON'T have to wear a cardigan. Preferably something colorful or patterned, like a cool plaid. 
  • more colors. I'm praying for spring so hard that I apparently want to wear it. I'd love a top in green or light blue. I actually used to have a light blue spring/summer top that I wore all the time: I wonder if it's still at my parents'...
  • lightweight cardigans (multicolored). I only have one cotton summer cardigan and it's black. I'd love one in an acid green or turquoise or something like that.
Fortunately, I have a coupon for the Gap that I would like to use up in the next couple of days. Maybe I'll be lucky and find something cool that will take me out of this fashion rut. 


  1. May your shopping trip uncover an item that will improve the way you've been feeling. I like the bright sweater. Don't know your size but I'm willing to send you something out of my closet...

  2. Snow? Am I going to DIE up there? Do I need to frantically repack? P.S. if a cocktail with a visiting geek would help your malaise, shoot me an e-mail, I'll be in Boston Wed. and Thur.

  3. On the very important subject of the Dante Club, it gets a bit better, but it's not one you'll remember reading a month later (other than the name). I'd say you'd probably be able to read it quite easily if bored on an airplane (which is coming up right?!?). :) x

  4. Thanks, Terri! I think it'd be great to find just one really nice basic item that I can wear with all sorts of outfits. And thanks for the offer - I might take you up on it!

    Eee, Cynthia!!

    Sido, I just keep on falling asleep each time I open it! But since there IS travelling coming up, I'll see what happens...

  5. I think that identifying key gaps in your wardrobe is the perfect way to build a wardrobe that you love. You're well on your way to a super rad wardrobe. :)

    AND, I LOOOOVE this sweater!

  6. Thanks, Clare! The sweater is pretty intense (when I wore it to work last year, it ALWAYS got commented on, from the head of school to the lunch lady!), but also snuggly and comfy. As for the "gaps in the wardrobe" thing, I never before shopped like this, because I guess I didn't think I HAD gaps in my wardrobe - but now I know that oh boy, do I.