Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How I wore it: peacock(ing)

People, for some reason, I am finally kind of out of the Great Malaise of 2011. My husband's spring break is rapidly approaching (as is our trip to Madrid!), meaning that his only work today was to send e-mails, rather than correct lots of homework. So we went out for a long walk which involved lots of grocery and cat food shopping. Aaaaaaaaaaaaand ended up buying a 1935 Smith-Corona burgundy typewriter. Yeah, we're dumb. My husband has long wanted to buy a typewriter, as he's considering handwriting scores and writing instructions on typewriter. And wouldn't you know it, there's an awesome antique typewriter shop in Arlington, so, um, we went in and left with a gorgeous model!

In other news, my best friend's boyfriend, an editor, sent us five books today to thank us for putting him up. AND my advisor wrote back to me and said that we could think about me graduating THIS SUMMER HOLY SHIT (yes, I curse. A lot. Sorry, people.). AND, there's a chance I'll be meeting a fellow blogger in the next couple of days. Yes, I'm psyched.

Oh, and I wore a lot of colors today:

You see those enormous things hanging from my ears? Yeah, I based my whole outfit on these earrings:

When my best friend and her boyfriend were here, we took a long stroll up Newbury Street in Boston. As we neared Mass Ave, I saw that a Forever 21 had opened, a store which I've never visited. I've been kind of obsessed with [HOLY S, Mercedes on "Glee" is wearing a Lady Gaga top suspiciously similar to mine!] Forever 21 since I've heard about it. Cheap trendy clothes that might fall apart in a few months? Okay! However, the only store I knew about in NYC was kind of an in inconvenient location. So when I saw a store in Boston, I dragged my friends inside and walked out with two cheap-ass pairs of earrings. Including those peacock wonders. I've wanted peacock earrings since I was seven (BECAUSE THIS SAME BEST FRIEND HAD SOME!).

Whoof. Big breath. So a pair of turquoise pants, a turquoise scarf, and a purple cardigan seemed to be the way to go in order to finally wear these earrings. They're a little much, but fun.

Speaking of earrings and nice things, I got a new necklace today. Last week, when I was quite down, I - as you know - bought a pear-shaped Islam-inspired necklace. The next day, the jewelry on offer by Gilt Groupe included a pretty garnet pendant by Satya Jewelry. After dithering for a few hours, the necklace was still on sale and I decided to go for it. Do you guys get the sense that I turn to retail therapy when I'm sad? I've learned something Very Special about myself. Anyway, the necklace arrived today (I was more excited about the books, to be honest, but only for an hour or so) and it is super pretty:

I'm looking forward to wearing it. Isn't it pretty and simple? I'm excited that it arrived before our trip to Spain. I love the little lotus detail next to the clasp:

I'm a sucker for Indian-inspired anything! Would you all like a droning etymological explanation of the origin of the word "satya"?

I dithered for a while before buying this necklace because I had, y'know, BOUGHT A GOLD NECKLACE THE NIGHT BEFORE. But it was so pretty that I couldn't just let it go. However, one thing in this necklace's favor was the fact that I already own a pair of gold and garnet earrings, bought in Prague in 1997:

I already have pre-existing! matchy-matchy accessories! I'm so happy! I'm going to try to wear it all tomorrow - it's the little things, people.

So, yeah. Life is a little better! Yay! And thanks for all your support in the last couple of posts, people. You're all great.

Big-ass peacock earrings: Forever 21
Turquoise scarf: gift from tutee's parents, remixed
Purple cardigan: from my mom, via Lord and Taylor (NYC), remixed
Striped tunic: American Apparel, remixed
Turquoise corduroy leggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor (Boston), remixed
Grey boots: Frye Paige Huaraches, by way of endless.com, remixed


  1. I love your bling and how lovely it looks with the color palette. And I'm so glad your day is looking up! I want a typewriter! :)

  2. Retail therapy and I have been bff's for a long time now. Shoes and makeup are my weakness. That necklace from Gilt is beautiful, though. I have been auto-trashing their emails for a few weeks now to avoid finding things I "need."

  3. First, yes. I WOULD like an etymological explanation for the origin of "Satya." 500 words or less, and be sure to cite your sources.

    Second, love the outfit, love the earrings, love the vintage typewriter, and love that you might get to see Cynthia! I also imagine that the garnet pendant and earrings matches the typewriter, and that pleases me to no end.

    I hope the happiness continues in spades!

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  5. Thanks, Clare! The typewriter is gorgeous and I can't wait to have it set up somewhere pretty (and visible!).

    Cassy, I never really thought of myself as being someone who shopped emotionally, but I totally am. I usually delete Gilt's e-mails too, but I decided that I wanted affordable jewelry. Oh, wel.

    Katie, bless you. It's coming up on the next post - maybe I'll up my Sanskritist readership!! And I'm also kind of absurdly happy that my garnets match my new typewriter. Hurrah!

    Hello, Dorota! Thanks for the kind words and I'll be sure to check out your blog!

  6. I'm glad things are looking up. Jealous that you get to meet C. face to face. It's so ironic that you bought the earrings a F21 yesterday. I took my two youngest daughters on a birthday shopping trip yesterday and that's where we ended up. I bought nothing, but they bought plenty at mother's expense.

  7. Really love all your layering here and those peacock earrings are great! Wow, going to Madrid soon? Sounds exciting!

  8. Thanks again, [SMASH]! The husband and I are actually heading for Madrid in THREE DAYS! Can't wait!