Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How I wore it: litrachoor

People, I am sorry to say that the Gap had no offerings that tempted me today. I went in to the closest store with nothing but good intentions, but I was left frustrated and empty-handed. Alas.

Anyway, after a surprisingly productive morning, I decided to dress nicely for two reasons: a) I went to a poetry reading/book presentation at one of my favorite bookstores and I wanted to look presentable; and b) I really wanted to wear my new garnet necklace. And so it went, I think:

Red pants alert! Wooo! I think I've made it perfectly evident that I really like red and black together - usually I don't even pair anything other than black with bright red. Wearing gold and garnets just seemed to wrap everything up nicely. Oh, see that tiny dot at my throat? Yeah, that's my new necklace. Here's a bigger picture, for scale:

Flash: can't live with it, can't live without it

Now you can see the relative size of the stone in proportion to my neckline. Pretty, huh? Although I love jewelry of all sizes and shapes, I especially like this kind of thing, where it's just a chain and a stone. And I also especially love garnets, although they're not my birthstone (my birthstone is the peridot, for those of you keeping track). So this necklace just worked out perfectly for me. And I did end up wearing the gold garnet earrings, although you can't see them in the picture. 

Oof, so in the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to plan my summer. It will certainly include a trip to Greece. It would ideally include a trip to the Netherlands and at least one trip to Germany. Oy. As much as I love Hamburg, I'm excited to not to have to go back once I finish my Ph.D. [fingers crossed]

In other news, the bookstore event was cool and I learned a little about Cuban poetry and met some cool Spanish speakers. I hope I can do a little more of this kind of thing; oh, here's an embarrassing fact about me. I used to write poetry ... and even, as a teenager, READ AT POETRY READINGS IN THE VILLAGE! How Beat am I?! Too bad it was forty years too late...

Black shirt: Gap, remixed
Red pants: Gap outlet, remixed
Black boots: Aerosoles, remixed
Garnet pendant: Gilt Groupe, remixed


  1. Dammit! You are so adorable with your pixie and your red pants and your beatnik ways!

  2. I love these britches and the simplicity of the jewelry. I want to see some of your poetry on this blog!!! Pretty, please. (I hardly ever beg.)

  3. Oh, Terri - we'll see. Of course, it would bring me closer to my longtime dream of being a professional poet. :)