Saturday, August 25, 2012

Unexpected: a story with pictures

Yesterday I went into the Fluevog store looking for these boots:

I was attracted to their rocker look and the cool color, although I have a couple of pairs of boots - if not several - that are blue. I was also interested in them in black:

Once in the store, I didn't like the look of them in person so much, so I decided to try on this decidedly fun pair of oxfords that I'd seen last time I ventured inside:

My husband didn't much like them, so I decided to try them on in another color - I've wanted saddle-type shoes since I was a teenager...

So my friendly 'Fluevologist' brought me the two pairs of shoes and one more that I hadn't asked for:

... Well, I fell in love and went home with them. Green shoes! And they came with three sets of laces: the white ones you see in the picture, brownish ones, and matching green ones (which are clearly the ones I'll be using). I can't wait to wear them to work. 

All photographs from the John Fluevog website
The boots are the Truth Genevieves
The tapestry and black and white oxfords are the Terra Omegas
And the pair I took home are the Radio CBC (for women) in green! 


  1. How fun that you went in with one idea and left with something you liked even more. I want to see them on your feet, soon.

  2. I've totally been stalking those green shoes since last year. Good choice!

  3. I approve of the green shoes. I also approve of 'vogs, which is why I recently acquired two more pairs....

  4. Thanks, y'all! I'm looking forward to wearing them out and about!