Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh, my

I'm not really in the market for new things. I'm in an acquisitive mood, mainly because the end of the summer, and Greece, and back-to-school, and paycheck and whatnot... However, while both my husband and I got good raises in our respective jobs, we also have a child. And that child is starting daycare in a few weeks. So... apart from fun little things (watch on sale, birthday earrings, etc.), I'm really trying to spend less money. Everything I buy has to hold up to the Baby Boots test and also to the "is this an extravagant purchase or something really useful?" question.

That being said, I came upon these yesterday via an old student's Facebook page:

I'm not the hugest fan of booties (I have my workhorse grey booties that stumpify my legs every time), but these are wedges (which, in fact, is not a style that I've ever really...worn), so they won't stumpify. These booties make me want to make up wonderful autumn outfits that feature green and tweed and pencil skirts. These booties make me want to be a better teacher simply for the clothes that I would wear with them. I can't stop typing the word "booties" and now I can't stop saying it in my head. Gross.

Not gross? They're Toms, so buying them would make me feel marginally less guilty about spending money. And my parents have reminded me that they owe me a birthday present. 

Decisions, decisions...

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