Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How I wore it: band on the run


I am about to COLLAPSE, people. Today was my first day back to work: a full day of frantic walks to and from the train station (about 15 minutes from my work); faculty meetings; and rushing to pick up Baby Boots from daycare. Woo! Not to mention, reconnecting with old friends and colleagues and meeting new faculty and staff. It's a little past 9 PM, I need a shower, my husband's not home yet, we have dirty pots and pans everywhere, I'm about to collapse, BUT? The baby's at least asleep.

Small victories, y'all.

So, as is my wont for first days, I decided to fancy myself up a little bit: dress, shoes, contacts... you know the drill:

Don't mind the playpen to the left...

We've seen all this before, n'est-ce pas? I feel of two minds about this look. On the one hand, back in June I was ready to toss this black dress, as I've had it since the summer of 2007 and it's getting thin and pilly and misshapen and ugh. I'd also ordered a new black dress from Old Navy, but it's a little short and the buttons, which are great for nursing, tend to pop open, so... not a real replacement in that I can wear it to work. So I held on to it. And I'm glad I did, especially when I put it on this morning. I love the drape and shape of this dress and I'll probably wear it till it's literally falling about me in tatters. 

On the other hand, these last couple of weeks I've been trying to better hone my personal style and...I don't know, this seems so basic and boring but it also seems so me, ya know? While I kind of want to move in a new direction, there's something just so right and satisfying about this look for me. Baby steps! 

All of that being said, though, I was marvelously comfy and it was the perfect outfit for my crazy, on-the-go day. Hurray for the tried and true!

Scarf: Old Navy (online), remixed
Black dress: Gap, remixed
Black modesty top (underneath): Glamourmom, by way of Isis Maternity, remixed
Buffalo plaid flats: American Eagle by Payless, remixed


  1. I think this look is great, no need for anything new. Well I mean maybe don't wear the same outfit EVERY day, you're not a cartoon character ;P

    You must tell me more about your necklace! It looks like a couple that I have and it's beautiful.

  2. Awww, thanks, Cassy! The necklace was a birthday gift from my husband, bought in a touristy store in Chania, Crete a couple of years ago. It's one of my absolute favorites!

  3. It's a good look for back to work. I know that first day is such a reality check for me...and reminds me of how relaxed I've become over the summer.