Thursday, August 30, 2012

How I wore it: song 2

Today was our second and last full day of faculty meetings. We have to go in tomorrow for departmental stuff and on Tuesday for new students' orientation, with real classes starting on Wednesday.

After yesterday's fancy look, I decided to tone it way down today and go in a new direction, wearing a bunch of new clothes that I bought on my second-to-last day in Greece. I LOVED how I felt in this and it's much closer to what I want my aesthetic to be (haven't I always called myself a rock n'roll nerd?):

Vaguely pissed look optional!

When I was in Greece, I noticed that a lot of the Fashion Babes were wearing tight, distressed light blue jeans with simple white tops. So I decided to get my own. They're already a little looser than I'd like (and the leg isn't as tapered as how the girls wore them), but I freakin' heart these jeans. I've never owned distressed jeans and, yes, I feel like a tool for buying pre-distressed clothes, but holy God, did I feel like a rock star today. The simple grey tank along with the pops of color with my scarf and new watch just added to the whole thing. Granted, maybe it's not the most fashionable/flattering look ever, but I felt so, so great in this. I used to have a pair of light denim flared jeans that I loved until they fell apart: I think these will be a great replacement, especially as I won't be wearing them to work on normal days (my students do not need this side of me); perfect weekend wear. 

 Yay for rocking out! Do you have any outfits that make you feel like a million bucks for no apparent reason? 

Infinity scarf: Old Navy online (remixed?)
Grey tank: H&M Athens
Distressed jeans: Pull and Bear
Brown sandals: gift from a friend from Costa Rica, remixed
Watch: La Mer collections


  1. I love this outfit, too, and the scarf brings such a happy pop of color to it! I think the best I've felt lately was also in jeans. Mine were peachy/orange and I paired them with a black tank and royal blue cropped cardigan. I felt so proud for not getting all matchy matchy with my colors

  2. I like this look, especially with the grey and yellow. It's been a while since I've owned a pair of jeans in this lighter blue. Good luck on the first day of classes.