Thursday, August 16, 2012

How I wore it: lesson learned

Greetings, all! I can't believe that I'll be in the States in four days! I mean, in less than two weeks I'll be back at work. Le sigh.


Yesterday was the second biggest holiday in Greece, Assumption, the 'Easter of the summer.' It's kind of a big deal for my in-laws, as it's also the name day for women named after the Virgin Mary and my mother-in-law happens to be one. So, as always, we got up early, went to church, and ate like hogs (after a relaxing interval at the beach).

I wore a maxi dress that I bought at Old Navy in April or May and have worn several times since. It's long, soft jersey, and has an empire waist: normally I'm not into empire waists, but they've been my post-partum saviors. I felt pretty awesome -

- OH. Oh, dear. That...was not as flattering as I thought. I guess the jersey didn't hide the tank top underneath and... huh. No. I promise on all that's holy that I'm not as wide as that dress makes me look. Granted, I'm not WAIFISH right now, but, dude, that dress is not flattering. Okay. Figured it out.

both photographs by my husband. He got my feet!

Good God, that's worse. At least the color is nice, no?

Also, I just found out that it's an article of clothing I have to hand wash. OH HELL NO. 

I...might be leaving it in Greece. Or ripping it to shreds. Any suggestions, Style Nation?

Blue maxi: Old Navy (online)
Aqua nursing tank: Glamourmom, by way of remixed
Orange sandals: Nine West, remixed


  1. Honest to goodness, my first thought when I saw that photo was that you look just absolutely beautiful and radiant and happy. If you felt awesome in the dress except when you look at the picture, I'd bet the reason is the pose, with your arms behind your back.

    And who ever heard of hand-washing anything from Old Navy? Pah. Into the washing machine it goes.

  2. Psh, I'll show you looking wide in a picture. Seriously, though, the blue is awesome on you (like you should buy everything in that color awesome) I wouldn't bother with hand washing it. Just wash cold and hang dry or something. I rarely follow labels closely and haven't ruined too many things. I just hang dry anything that seems fragile and worst case will Dryel things that say dry clean only. I'm not taking my $20 dress to the dry cleaner, forget that noise!

  3. Aww, Sue, you're too kind. Seriously. Too kind. But I'll remember to nix that pose

    Cassy, thanks for the kind words! I do like that blue color.

    And both of you, word. No way I'm hand-washing that. As you say, Cassy, cold water and hang dry. If it's ruined (which I doubt), it won't be a huge loss...

  4. No way, lady! You do not look at all wide! The dress is very flattering on you. Also, I'm loving your hair!

    I second Cassykins's advice to wash it cold and let it hang dry - use the delicate cycle (my penultimate washer had a "handwash" cycle).

  5. ¡Raquelita! Hi! Thanks for the nice comments. I actually conditioned AND dried my hair that day, so... it kind of made a difference. I'm hoping to get it trimmed for when I go back to work.

    I tend to wash most of my clothes on cold/delicate and hang dry, so I'll probably do no different with this dress... We'll see.

  6. The color is actually wonderful on you...and did not even have a passing thought about wideness.

  7. Great color.
    Not wide!
    Hair lookin' good.