Sunday, August 12, 2012

How I wore it: Chalkdust and church

Today the gang got up early in order to hit up a local monastery for church services. I wasn't originally planning to go: in fact, two weeks ago, I came to the decision that - apart from important, "family" events (Easter, Christmas, Assumption) - I was going to start curtailing my church-going activities drastically. However, as the monastery was a short drive away, my husband was worried that Baby Boots would get hungry and cranky without me, so off I went [she got neither hungry nor cranky]. This is what we wore:

As usual, my husband [the photographer of this fine pic] cut off part of my feet. He also didn't warn me that he was taking a picture. This is the only shot of my whole outfit which showed some foot. You're welcome?

Hey, remember when I only used to wear this skirt with black or white? Not this summer: I've been rocking it with different colored (nursing) tanks and this fun scarf (yet another early summer Old Navy purchase). Damn, I look twelve in that picture. Sorry, where was I... 

Another photo by the incomparable Mr. Boots. At least I look like less of a goober, despite my lack of feet. Also, I just noticed that my daughter and I have identical skeptical expressions on our faces. Family!

Uhh, I don't really have much else to say about this. Upon coming home, I changed into schlumpy comfy clothes and, a few hours later, we hit the beach. Ta-da! 

More later, I'm sure...

Patterned scarf: Old Navy (online store)
Crimson nursing tank: Glamourmom, via
Striped skirt: Gap, remixed
Orange sandals: Nine West, remixed

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  1. Hehe, your husband's picture taking reminds me of a picture I took of my mom when I was younger. I lopped off my her head because I couldn't fit it in and figured her body + feet were more body-area than her head, so it made sense to get rid of that. Never occurred to me to take the picture vertically.