Sunday, May 23, 2010


...Apparently I haven't posted in thirteen days. Oops. [Not that it matters to anyone, as I know for a fact that I'm the only one that knows that this blog exists] But...! But...! There's been a lot of stuff going on that I've had to deal with over the past few weeks and now I'm finally semi-free enough to be able to do other things again!

I mean, for God's sake, I moved last weekend! *Squee!* Yes, I did. My husband and I moved from Boston to north Cambridge. And I LOVE it. Our apartment is enormous by our standards and not too expensive to pay off and there's tons of gluten-free stuff nearby and life is so, so great. 

Also...I officially told my job that I won't be returning next year [I don't know if I've already told y'all this]. So on the plus side, I'm FREE as of three weeks from now. FOR LIFE, if I want! On the other hand, remember how I said that our new place would be relatively easy to pay off? Yeah, well. It might be tougher than we thought. However, my plan is to work part-time and finally finish my damn dissertation so I'll be DOCTOR Boots, not just Señora Botas my new lover! 

Yes, draped artistically over my Rup Candrika [a godsend for lazy Sanskritists] is my new turquoise necklace. And super-new. I bought it on Friday afternoon after buying my husband his birthday present. It was originally $60 and I got it on sale for $27. Sweet, right? This was the exact kind of necklace I'd been wanting for a while, after seeing a similar one on Etsy. I'd kind of forgotten about it, what with all the turquoise crap I own, but then I saw it and it was cheap and... here we are. It's kind of my last hurrah because I have exactly one more paycheck left until destitution. Pretty, no? I wore it out last night on a date with my aforementioned husband, but I can't wait to really show it off.

Also, can you imagine how much turquoise jewelry I now own? I informed my husband that I would have to rethink my entire summer turquoise-jewelry-packing strategy and he was more than a little stunned when he asked me, "You have one?!" Bien sûr. I can't just go around packing everything for a two-month jaunt to Europe (paid for already -- I just won't shop. Or eat.)! Trust me--there will be a strategy. And it will be awesome.

Anyway, those are the three biggest things going on with me today. I'm sorry for not writing more. Hopefully I'll be more on a roll this week and the coming ones.

Much love!

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