Monday, May 3, 2010

How I wore it: State of Emergency

Now I don't know if y'all have heard, but Boston and much of its surrounding suburbs is in a state of emergency due to water. A water main break occurred on Saturday, so both in Boston and in its suburb where I work, we have to boil our water if we want to drink it / use it for food, or just use bottled water...which is running out. Anyway, this doesn't affect me at home too much, as I'm okay with boiling water [and drinking wine], but over at work it's pretty heinous. The weather is humid and hot right now, so the school buildings are like ovens -- nor does it help that the heat was turned on today. Add that without having any water fountains, and we've got recipes for fainting, which is precisely what I felt like doing today.

Now you all have seen this outfit before, but I jazzed it up a little to make it more summery:

Yup! A white t-shirt! And tucked in! Since I almost always wear my shirts untucked, people never get to see the cool, contrasting stripes of this skirt's waistline, so I thought I'd go the other way around this time.  I didn't add much else: my summery mustard flats and a crapload of turquoise jewelry. Because really, what says summer more than white, linen, and turquoise?

I also decided to have a wild rebellion on my legs:

No panty hose! Scandal time!

One day I'll tell you all about my job's dress code and why I think it's ridiculous.

White v-neck t-shirt: H & M, remixed
Linen skirt: Gap, remixed
Mustard-y flats: Nine West by way of DSW, remixed

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