Saturday, July 13, 2013

How I wore it: summer evenings

Let's just skip over the lack of posts, yes?

On Thursday, my husband, the baby, and I landed in Athens for our annual vacation - six weeks of it, this year! I'm particularly looking forward to this time because my in-laws are slobbering with eagerness to look after Baby Boots and I'm slobbering with eagerness to get my ass in gear and get back into my academic bubble. A job has opened up in my field which I WANT, there's another one down the line that I've almost been promised, and there's a third thing, a fellowship in a university close to home for which I'm eligible to apply. So stuff is going on. I spent hours yesterday and today squinting at my computer screen and at my Sanskrit dictionary in an attempt to turn a paper I presented at a conference EIGHT YEARS AGO into a viable article so that I have an actual publication under my belt while applying. Oy.

Anyway, today [Saturday] my husband and I went out alone in the evening for the first time since... December? January? I don't know. We took it easy - we went to Kolonaki, one of the posher areas of Athens, walked around, had a coffee, and came back home. However, I actually wore a dress. My favorite dress. A dress I haven't worn in three years:

This is the exact same outfit I wore in this post (notice: three years ago): not much has changed except for my bangs - nothing, in fact, has changed in how I style it. Silly gladiator sandals? Check. Hair up? Check.  

However, this was important for me - however my body may look at any given time, this is the dress that never fails to make me feel like a rock star. And it did it again tonight. Although I have at least three new dresses that I haven't yet worn, this was the perfect "first date in Athens" outfit with which to start my summer. 

I've missed y'all!

Red dress: H&M, remixed
Gladiator sandals: Steve Madden by way of DSW, remixed


  1. This dress looked awesome on you then and it indeed still does now. Glad you guys got some time out. PS - those sandals are superawesomeamazing.

  2. Why tamper with success? Everyone needs at least one I-feel-like-a-rock-star outfit. And hey, good luck with the job/fellowship prospects.