Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How I wore it: mustard and ketchup

Today my husband and I had a bona-fide date. We'd had kind of a bad day, worrying about finances, about Baby Boots' behavior, and about a huge computer issue (he lost his whole iTunes library!), so we thought we deserved to go out for dinner and a drink, even if we hadn't already planned it.

As it turned out, I wasn't feeling too well, so we ended up eating in a fancy restaurant in a different area of Athens than we'd planned, but it was very nice. And we had a good view of the Acropolis, which is always a plus.

I had decided some time ago that for our first nighttime outing to the center, I would wear my new eShakti dress, which I still hadn't worn out. I loved it on and so did my husband:

I paired it with my new red shoes, as I thought it would be a fun combo and would make the dress slightly more casual. I really liked the look and I was comfy all night long. Unfortunately, the support in the bodice was a little too stiff for me (as I told you in my review in March, the chestal arena part is a little small) and the wires in the boning kind of irritated me, but it was great to finally wear it out. This is definitely not the kind of thing that Athenian women are wearing these days and I liked having the sense of individuality that this dress gave me. What do you think? Success or no?

Yellow dress: eShakti, given to me free for review
Red shoes: Tsakiris Mallas (Athens)

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