Thursday, July 18, 2013

How I wore it: second date

Hey, all! After an exhausting day of doing no work (baby woke up at 6 AM and was irritable and sleepy on and off all day), my husband and I took advantage of his mother coming home from work, ditched the kid, and went out by ourselves again. We decided to drive to Glyfada, a very posh neighborhood in Athens, and walk around, window-shop, and then get something to eat or drink.

Since the weather was slightly cooler these past few days (in the 80s, rather than the 90s), with a strong southern breeze, I deferred to the slight change in weather and wore my favorite maxi dress:

What do we think of my hair wrap? When I was doing some online shopping at Urban Outfitters, I spotted it and snapped it up. I've only worn it a couple of times, but I love it. It makes my messy buns look artistic as hell, and keeps up all the trailing hairs that are too short for the bun (which I usually keep up with baby alligator clips). Whenever I wear it, I feel like a less glamorous, more brunette version of Brigitte Bardot. Specifically here:

As I've mentioned a few times, BB has been my style icon these past couple of years and when I last got my hair trimmed, I told my stylist that I was letting it grow in the hopes of having Brigitte Bardot hair. Instead of seeming confused, Cheryl just sighed: "All those sexy long layers. Yeah, I get where you're coming from." See? Even Cheryl approves!

Anyways, I do love my big hair wrap and I think it adds a sexy, rumpled edge to my tall buns. Here's a closer look:

Okay, so the effect is slightly different...

Anyways, after a nice, rambling walk, my husband and I stopped at a bar/café and had a milk shake (me) and a frappé (him). We then drove home to see what Baby Boots had been up to (tiring out her grandparents, apparently). Although we're both exhausted as hell and I'm behind in my work, it was a fun day and a fun evening out. And we have a dinner date with my cousin-in-law and her husband tomorrow!

Grey head wrap: Urban Outfitters (online)
Striped maxi dress: Gap, remixed
Sandals: Steve Madden, by way of DSW, remixed


  1. Nowhere is safe from this heat! That head wrap is really neat and looks great with your dress. I haven't tried one myself, everything in the past has slipped off my head so I don't have high hopes.

  2. Cassy, the reason I put the head wrap in my shopping bag is because some of the reviewers mentioned/complained that it was so tight and didn't slip off! So far, so good. The most it's slipped has been behind my ears, which makes sense, as having something over one's ears is awkward as hell... Anyway, it has a really good stretch!