Saturday, June 1, 2013

This is why I haven't been posting...

... Remember how I told you guys I was really scared of bikes?

Some things change.

Last week, I bought my husband and myself bikes for his 34th birthday. This weekend, we put a seat for Baby Boots on his bike. We just came back from our first family bike ride. It was awesome.


  1. I remember my mom taking me for rides on her bike. Glad you guys got to have some fun and yay for you conquering your fear!!

  2. Congrats! Which of you is toting the little one? My DH has been on my case to start pedaling too.

  3. Heh, Cassy, I still get super scared at the beginning of rides (granted, I've only been on my bike three times since getting it), but I'm slowly getting over it.

    Cynthia, seems I was wrong. One DOES remember. Especially after that initial "OH GOD HOW DO I GET ON THIS THING?!" panic (or is that just me...?). And I blame you for subtly influencing me in this... :)

    Terri, my husband is in charge of the baby on our rides. As a child he biked way more than I did and has been doing it more recently (and, most importantly, is less scared - in that he's not scared at all), so the baby will always be with him. They're loving it!