Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How I wore it: family outing

The whole family has jet lag. In my husband and me, this manifests as us not feeling sleepy until a shockingly late (or early?) hour in the night/morning and then sleeping until noon. In Baby Boots, this manifests as either a 12-hour sleeping orgy, or in keeping awake until 5 AM and then sleeping till noon. Last night was one of those nights. So today, after a terrible night, and after hours of me working on an article that I'm trying to get sent out by the end of the week, when my husband suggested we drive to his aunt's house in order to get some fresh air and visit with the family, I jumped at the chance.

I also jumped at the chance to wear a dress that I've had since... April? May? But not worn yet:

Fun, right? I love me some stripes, as you know. I got this dress from my big J Crew Factory order some time ago and it was my first time wearing it, although I've worn its identical cousin in bright green (not yet featured here) a couple of times. Although they look black, the stripes are actually navy blue, so I decided to just pair my turquoise sandals with them. I don't think that it was the ideal pairing, but I was okay with that. I added some delicate jewelry (invisible in the photo), slung my hair into a messy topknot, and off we went! 

We ended up exploring the playground where both my husband and his cousin (who's pregnant with her first child!) played as children, ordering gyros and souvlaki for dinner, and having a great time. So worth taking a shower and putting on a new dress for!!

Striped dress: J Crew Factory
Turquoise sandals: Nine West (Athens), remixed

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