Saturday, August 17, 2013

How we wore it: Assumption 2013

Oof, I've been off the grid. We've been near Sparta, for our annual pilgrimage to the Land Where Nothing Happens. But we've been doing a lot: eating, biking, eating, going to the beach, strolling around Sparta, biking more, drinking milk shakes, and - of course - watching Baby Boots grow.

Two days ago was August 15th, the feast of the Virgin Mary here, and the second most important holiday in Greece. Baby Boots and I had to dress up to the nines, mostly because we were going to be observed in church, but also because we were going to meet my husband's estranged aunt for the first time. I wanted to make sure that we looked like respectable ladies. On the baby, I put on a dress that she'd never worn before, that we'd bought especially for the summer. For me, I put on the last dress y'all saw on this blog, with my trusty orange sandals.

You see why I had to link to the shoes, right? My trusty photographer husband strikes again!

It was a simple look: mustard yellow, orange (I promise), and gold (jewelry). My hair was up, and my contacts were in. I was comfortable all morning and early afternoon in this dress. I guess I've been toning up due to all the biking I've been doing, so the dress fit much more comfortably than it did the last time I wore it. Either that, or I stretched it out... 

But let's get to the real star, shall we?

Check out Baby Boots in her fancy dress, sandals, and cross! She totally out-staged me, but I'm all right with that. 

How do YOU think we looked?

On Chalkdust and Boots:
Yellow dress: courtesy of eShakti for a review, remixed Thanks, eShakti!
[Orange sandals: Nine West, remixed]

On Baby Boots:
Dress: Baby Gap
Silver sandals: Target


  1. I like Baby Boots's sandals! She does look mighty fancy.

  2. Thank you! Bought at the inimitable Target!