Monday, March 25, 2013

How I wore it: spring breaker

Today was supposed to be my first real day of spring break, although it's the beginning of my second week of vacation. Last week we travelled with only a day and a half of rest between the two trips and we returned home yesterday evening.

Let me tell you what today was supposed to look like: I was to send Baby Boots and my husband off to daycare/work at around 9:30 AM, after which I was supposed to go back to bed for a short nap before heading off to a massage at a nearby spa at noon (a gift from my husband for Valentine's Day...last year). After that, I was going to work on some grades and comment-writing, after which I'd go pick up Baby Boots and rock out the rest of the day, looking fabulous and feeling relaxed, natch. It would've been the first day EVER since the baby's birth that I'd have had a day off.

Let me tell you what happened instead. Yesterday, after getting home, my daughter started vomiting randomly. Today she seemed normal, but we decided to keep her home and thus, while my husband went off to work as planned, I stayed home anxiously watching the baby eat (or not eat, as the case was) and praying I wouldn't be covered in vomit AGAIN. It was, in the end, a calm, nice day, but I still wish I could've gotten that massage... and that time off. Well, there's always Wednesday and Friday..!

Baby Boots and I did end up going out for a little walk to nearby Davis Square and the simple outfit that I wore ended up being cuter than I had thought. Since I was wearing a plain black nursing tank at home with black yoga pants, I just switched out my stretchy pants for slightly fancier black pants. Then I punched up the whole thing with a green cardigan, my green leather watch, and my green Fluevogs (I figured since I talked about my fourth pair of 'vogs in my last post, why not feature my third pair for the first time? Considering, too, I've had them since August, it was high time):

I love how the greens don't match anywhere

A simple, but fun and easy outfit for an unexpected outing with the little one! 

I also need to explain how much I continue to love my new Ray-Bans. You can't tell in photographs, but the green really adds to the whole effect. It's such a new look for me, but I love them. 

This is the face I make when my daughter is napping in her stroller just a few feet from where I stand and I'm trying to make "serious blogger face."

In other news, I'm stressing a little about my contract situation. I applied, as I've said, to a hard-core postdoc in a nearby university and I'll hear by the middle of next month. But I'm supposed to hand in my contract to my school by the beginning of the month, which is the first day of work from spring vacation. I've asked for an extension, but now there's this whole "Ahh, Chalkdust might be leaving" situation, which is so not the deal, as I'm pretty sure I won't get this postdoc and I'm still waiting to hear from my department head and the head of school and ARRGHHHHGH. 

Anyone else on spring break? Anyone else had soothing plans that got sidetracked?

Anyway, this was a bit of an unexpected post, but I promise there'll be a dress review tomorrow on this here blog! Stay tuned!

Green cardigan: gift from my mother, via Lord and Taylor, remixed
Black nursing tank: Glamourmom, by way of Isis Maternity, remixed
Black pants: stolen from my mother, by Ralph Lauren, remixed
Green shoes: Fluevog Radio CBCs

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