Tuesday, March 26, 2013

eShakti dress review

Some time ago, eShakti contacted me about reviewing one of their products. I chose a pretty halter poplin dress in a yellow/mustard which is, of course, seemingly not available online anymore (so no linking!). It arrived quite quickly and I must say, I am smitten with it!

(Let me just warn you, before you look at the photos, that I tried this on before putting on make-up and doing my hair and stuff. So. Yeah.)

Cute, is it not? I love the pockets! The dress is a gorgeous material, really high-quality, as advertised. As you probably know, I love me a cute halter dress for the summer, and I'm really looking forward to adding this one to the arsenal. It has full support in the bust, which I also love. 

Granted, it's a little wrinkled, but in real life, there would be some nice big pleats in the skirt. I love the details of this dress: the matching belt that came with it, the (invisible, since they're at my neck) that holds the halter together... Most of my other halter dresses tie at the neck, which can sometimes be a major (and literal) pain (especially by the end of the day), but this will make a nice, smooth line. 

I only have two quibbles and that's something that I could have solved easily on my own. As I've mentioned before, eShakti offers alterations on every garment, some for free. Because of the little free time I have in life, I decided to order this dress in a normal size, without any alterations of any sort. I should have given my bust measurements, as - I assume from breastfeeding Baby Boots - my chestal arena is proportionally a little bigger than what my normal size would imply. I also would have changed the length of this dress. This right-below-the-knee length is a little unflattering on me and I would've gone a little shorter, had I thought about it more fully. 

But those are minor issues and, again, ones that are fully avoidable and not the company's fault, but rather my own. I cannot wait to wear this dress over the summer. Although I'm wearing my mustard flats with it above, I'd probably style it in real life with my orange sandals or with the various pairs of brown, neutral sandals I own. I think this dress will be a staple for me in Greece and I can't wait. It gets a huge, unqualified √+ from me! Thanks, eShakti!

Oh, one of the dresses I wanted was this one, but it was unavailable when I ordered. I'm so in love with it - it totally fits my Brigitte Bardot aesthetic:

Droooool, am I not right?

Anyway, folks, I'm more in love with eShakti than ever and will totally add them to my favorite shopping experience when I have a little more money to spend. 

What would you buy from there??? 


  1. I actually have the dress you'd wanted, but in navy blue and cream. I like it well enough. The straps are too long for me and it shows a LOT of chest.

  2. I think this length looks really great on you. It gives the dress a retro but fresh feel! Cute! :)