Friday, March 15, 2013

How I wore it: and now for something completely different

After yesterday's fun and whimsical outfit, where I feel I got everything right, from the hair all the way down, today's (Thursday's) look was a let-down. But the weather got cold and I suddenly had to break out a much heavier look than I wanted to. The good news is that it features one of the many new items that y'all haven't seen.


In early September, I made a huge purchase from Old Navy (and followed it up with several small purchases from other places), so I have an arsenal of clothes that have become workhorses that I just haven't had time to feature here. These purplish corduroy bellbottoms are from that order. Now they're obviously not as flattering as I thought, based on this picture, but I did get a bunch of compliments on them from several colleagues, so I think that the photo may have caught me at a particularly unfortunate angle/position/twist. Still, not jiving with the mental image I had of them... oh, well.

I kind of had a panicked moment of not knowing what to pair these pants with this morning (usually wear a black top with them, not gonna lie, but I wanted something different). Since I'd had good luck with fitting into my red dress the day before, I decided to go to my old nemeses, the button-downs. I layered it over a rather unusual choice of light-blue/sea-foam nursing tank and called it a day. As I said, maybe not one of my particular success stories, but I'm also gonna keep it real for y'all....

So, in fun news, my family and I will be flying to the West Coast in a little over twelve hours! Yup, my husband and I decided to blow off our respective last days of work before spring break in order to go to Portland, Oregon for an academic conference (for me). I haven't been to a conference in many years, and I haven't gone to this particular one (the biggest national conference in my field) since I presented there in 2005, but I'm pretty excited to schmooze with my former colleagues/professors/potential future bosses. I won't be updating while I'm gone, but I do hope to take pictures! 

Stay tuned next week, when I come back!

Button-down shirt: gift from my mom, by way of Brooks Brothers, remixed
Tank (underneath): Glamourmom, ordered via, remixed
Purple corduroys pants: Old Navy (online)
Grey booties: Aldo, remixed

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  1. I think this outfit looks just fine, I wish I could wear button-down's, so I'm a smidge jealous actually. Have lots of fun on your trip, stay safe!