Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shiny things

Yowza, people, I hate leading with this again, but damn, am I tired. The meetings were actually short today (and I was able to be productive enough so that I won't have to go in tomorrow!), but it was what came after that exhausted me. My husband's going on a business trip tomorrow in a few hours and my parents are coming in to help me out, so... there's a lot to do, even if I do the bare minimum of clean-up and home-gussying.

Anyway, because I wanted to be casual today at our faculty meetings, I wore a very simple outfit. And I let my necklace do the talking:

It's my newest necklace! When we left Sparta in mid-August, we stopped at small beach town that wasn't really on the way in order to visit my husband's aunt, uncle, and cousin (and her husband). Since my aunt-in-law is also my godmother, she presented me with this lovely necklace for my Greek name day, which is the same day as Assumption, on August 15th (I have a real [by which I mean my family's traditional celebration day], Catholic name day too, which is - naturally - different from the Greek one). I didn't get a good detail shot, but you can see a little cascade of the stylized flowers that make up the necklace in general. While I loved the necklace and wore it once to go out in Athens, today it got all the compliments in the world from all of my new colleagues. Go, godmother!

I'm usually a person who pairs a statement necklace with other eye-catching jewelry - I don't mind "too much" jewelry. However, upon seeing myself in the mirror this morning with this necklace and a pair of silver hoop earrings, I took the earrings off and replaced them with a plain pair of diamond studs, which you can barely see in the photo above. While they didn't exactly "match" the necklace, they held up their own in sparkliness and simplicity, which is all that I wanted.

All right. I'm starting to hallucinate. I'm out! Good night!


  1. You're tired because your body is very, very, very busy. At the risk of sounding like a bossy old biddy, rest as much as you can, okay?
    Smashing necklace!

  2. That necklace is seriously fantastic! Rest and sleep while you can before mini-boots arrives. :)

  3. Kelly, I need to remember that. I love bossy old biddy when it comes from you. I constantly keep forgetting that "I am not what I was" and I get even more tired when I try to push myself. Thanks for the reminder.

    Raquelita, thank you! I loved how the necklace livened up my outfit. And I'll try to get plenty of rest... :)