Monday, September 12, 2011

How I wore it: any other day of the week is fine

Woo! Happy Monday, y'all! Although getting up at 6:15 today was a little tough after the weekend of leisure, I had prepared and gone to sleep early last night, so I was ready to face the day ahead. Even though I'm kind of convinced that my kind-of-upper-level Spanish class sort of hates me. Maybe it's because they have me first thing in the morning. EVERY DAY. Oh, well.

While getting up and going to work has added some fun novelty into my life, some of my normal full-time work routine has been a little tougher to get into. For example, do you know how hard it is to leave Amalía in the mornings? She's not used to me being gone all day (and when my husband comes home - tomorrow! - she'll have the benefit of having him home during the week a fair amount), so she's quite needy when I get home and very yowly at night.

[For those of you who don't remember, Amalía is my cat, whom we adopted a year ago. When I wasn't working.]

The other thing? Showers. I know this might make a lot of you recoil in horror, but when I work full-time (I've only worked as a teacher), I don't shower in the morning. Waking up, having breakfast, getting dressed, and made up take me a good hour. Don't expect me to add a shower in there unless it's just to shower and not wash my hair or shave or anything. So I revert back to my high school life and shower at night before going to bed. While it's soothing to do so in the night, I do sometimes miss it in the morning. But then I could never wear skirts without tights because I probably will not shave in the mornings.

Anyone else do this, or have I alienated everyone with the above statement?

Anyway, yeah. Some parts of the daily grind are tough ("Wait. I have to correct these? I just wrote these tests!"), but it's still nice to have a routine again and I still love the school and its administration.

All that being got out of the way, I decided to celebrate today's beautiful summer weather by wearing a recent summer staple:

I fancied it up by adding my summer cardigan (which I had to remove at some point because of my overwhelming sweatiness... oh, well. Bare arms, no dress code ... yay?) and the pops of color with the seashell necklace and the red wedges. It was a simple outfit, but I enjoyed the satisfying "click-clack" that my shoes made on the hallway floors and the fact that all the teachers complimented my necklace (and a cool student complimented my dress! I didn't have the heart to tell her it was maternity wear: let her think I'm cool and have a big belly). 

Now, of course, my problem is how to keep it interesting what with my small collection of maternity gear... and my expanding belly...

Black cardigan: Ann Taylor Loft, remixed
Grey dress: Old Navy Maternity, remixed
Red wedges: CL by Laundry, by way of DSW, remixed


  1. ...But whenever Monday comes (but whenever Monday comes) you can find me cryin' all of the time!

    Thanks for the earbug. :)

    Isn't it amazing what a difference just planning to go to bed early on Sunday makes? There's a lot of weeks where I don't, and then bedtime and the subsequent tired Monday morning sneak up on me, and it's not pretty. I can't not shower in the morning if I go to the office, but I hardly ever wash my hair on work from home days, and often, I don't even shower on those days. Gross eh?

  2. It is astonishing how much more productive I am when I shower in the evening rather than the morning. Getting out the door even half an hour earlier (and usually it's more like an hour earlier) makes me at least an order of magnitude more productive, and since I've realized that I've been an evening-shower convert. No gross-out here!

  3. The red pops are wonderful with the dress. I probably should not admit this, but I don't shower every day. As I've aged, my skin simply can't take it, especially in the winter. So, I'm not at all grossed out by the night showers.

  4. Me! I totally shower in the evening if I have an early start.
    I'm about to give away my fall/winter maternity gear, so do let me know if you want any of it.
    Marvelous red wedges.

  5. I too used to shower in the evening, but I found that I really do NEED that pick-me-up in the morning, even if it costs me a few minutes of sleep.

    And I love this outfit! Maxi dresses for the win!

  6. Well, I'm glad no one is grossed out by me. Thanks also for all the kind comments, y'all!

    Kelly, what kind of tops do you have...?