Sunday, September 11, 2011

I shouldn't have looked...

Man, it takes having a job to remember how awesome weekends are. And to make Sundays kind of depressing, but that's neither here nor there. After days of waking up at 6:15 and checking my e-mail via iPod because my computer was already packed away for work, it was quite blissful to wake up yesterday morning - after 8 AM - and not check my work e-mail first thing. Instead, I went to the Frye site for... no good reason. It had been a while, what can I do?

Between watching the video of 'Yoü and I' on repeat (is it me, or is 'Jo Calderone' kind of a looker?), watching terrible movies ('You Again' OnDemand - totally worth it), eating leftovers cooked by my parents, doing some work, and watching 'V for Vendetta' on video (the graphic novel, which I read for the first time last weekend, was the students' required summer reading this year), I actually left the house today in order to run some errands.

... And wouldn't you know it? Despite the temperature being such that I wasn't even wearing a light sweater over my short-sleeved tee, I saw a fair amount of girls and women wearing shin-high (at least) boots - often with shorts, which isn't a look I go for, unless, of course, they're winter shorts.

So therefore I felt pretty justified in going back to the Frye website in order to drool over a new pair of boots that I covet. Behold!

These are the Melissa Button Back Zip in grey (which, in Zappos pictures, is more of a muddy grey/brown), which I'm kind of in love with. If this were a normal September, I would totally buy them: I have a paycheck! I'm a grown-up! I can afford boots! However - I'm trying to save money for little Booties and I'm also paranoid that my feet will expand (although there's no sign of that occurring yet), so ... no new boots for the moment. But aren't they pretty?!

I am not one of those bloggers who pines for fall the minute that July hits and it gets a little bit hot. Last year I was looking forward to autumn simply for the chance to wear boots, not because of autumn per se. However, this year I'm looking forward to fall with a fair amount of enthusiasm: I'm looking forward to wearing some of my cute clothes, I miss my boots, and - most importantly - I get hot while the weather's warm, yo. I'm looking forward to cooling down a little...

What about y'all? Anything you're looking forward to in the next season? Any new purchases? Any new imaginary purchases?


  1. I picked up two pairs of lace-up ankle boots in (wait for it) red and purple. Somehow I managed to justify it as legit, despite my constrained budget, because they were 75% off. And I can't explain this lust for color all of a sudden.

  2. Love the color on those boots, they're very taupe-ish which is a color which is slowly growing on me. Fall is in my bottom two for seasons (Spring being the worst) That said, I am just waiting to be able to pull my boots back out. I hope they still fit, my calves have been gaining weight again (I think they've been snacking late-night)

  3. Hi, I recently found your blog and love it!
    Not to be the devil's advocate but...I have a pair of Frye boots (Carson pull on) and they are the. greatest. footwear. ever. EVER! I justified the purchase because the allow me to spend hours on my feet while chasing after my son. Justification/excuse? Same thing!
    I gotta say, I love the fall. For the boots, the sweaters, and the food. Apple picking, pumpkin patches, damp leaves. Bring it on!

  4. Does Frye make booties? If not, it's time! I'm impressed that your school read V for Vendetta. What kind of activities will they do with the reading?

  5. Sue, YES. That sounds amazing.

    Cassy, I'm totally with you generally for spring and fall, although I get so excited after long New England winters that now I'm all about spring (although I'm mostly about summers). I hate the winter, but I'm ambivalent toward the fall. Now I just want it to hurry up and get here...

    Thanks, Melanie! The problem is that I, um, own THREE pairs of Fryes. So I can't really justify more at the moment. BUT THEY'RE MY FAVORITES!

    Terri, Frye DOES make booties. They make everything. Sigh. I'm not sure yet what the school will do for the reading, but I'm looking forward to seeing their stuff - they're kind of crazy there!