Friday, September 9, 2011

How I wore it: school is in session

Style Nation! Would it be weird and codependent to admit how much I missed you all during this whole week eight-day period while I've been going insane? INSANE, y'all. Since I last posted, I've been visited by my parents for a week, and gone to work every day of the week apart from Labor Day Monday. Classes started on Wednesday and today, Friday, I'm bushed. I pride myself on being a super-energetic teacher, but I've been, um, sitting a lot. Today I totally felt the strain of being a tired pregnant lady. At least I remembered my water bottle today. Yay for hydration! I've also had my traditional back-to-school ailments: shin splints (despite the fact that I've been sitting more than usual) (oh, and yeah, if I've taken a break from it, I get shin splints whenever I start teaching again) and voice loss. I sound like a dying heifer today, people. Let's hope this goes away quickly.

But... the work environment is lovely, my colleagues are maybe the nicest people I've ever met (and I've lucked out with colleagues at all my other jobs), and the school's philosophy is definitely a change for me. My classes have been going well so far, although I have some reservations - naturally - about some aspects of the environment. But I am psyched.

However... this first week, it rained all week long, from Tuesday through Thursday (was it only three days? It felt like more). So my planned outfit for Wednesday's first day of school was kind of a bust because it was pouring rain and 60 degrees. So I wore this instead:

Who's that tired, blurry lady with the belly?

It being the first day of school, I decided to bust out my contacts, which I pretty much only wear for self-defined special occasions. Like the first day of school. I wasn't exactly thrilled with how all the proportions of this outfit looked, but I was comfortable and dry, which was key. And all the teachers, including my boss, were all about my rain boots. Would you guys believe if I told you that this is the first denim skirt I've owned since I was, like, eleven? And it's definitely the first traditional (i.e., straight/pencil-shaped) denim skirt I've ever owned. Maybe I'll invest in more of them once I'm back to my regular size... 

It was a more somber look than I wanted overall, but it was still "me," you know? Muted colors, cool boots, and whatnot... 

Man, am I wordy tonight, y'all! I really missed blogging this week and I had a lot of stuff I wanted to show off. It's just... my schedule has been: go to work super-early (with my computer), work all day, come home, have a snack, plan lessons, eat some sort of dinner, and fall into bed. So no blogging. Which is why I'm so verbose. I'm hoping I'll get into the swing of things in the near future...

What's been going in with you guys? Tell me everything!!

Purple cardigan: gift from my mom, from Lord and Taylor, remixed
Olive tank: Old Navy Maternity
Denim skirt: Old Navy Maternity
Blue rain boots: Steve Madden, remixed


  1. It's a tall order to start a new job and to be in the early stages of pregnancy. Give yourself points. I would come straight home from work and nap at the end of my school day.
    But these shin splints...have you discussed it with your dr.?

  2. This outfit IS you, and I love it. I'm so glad that everything thus far is to your satisfaction at your new job! Now, I don't know a darn thing about being preggers, but I think it's pretty impressive you are going, going, going all day. Heck, I can hardly do that and I'm not growing a baby fetus. All and all, impressive. Period.

  3. I highly approve of that denim skirt! And I am bushed after a short but hectic week this week, and I am not growing a human inside me.

  4. Are you teaching Spanish? I feel like you are. All my most interesting and fun teachers taught Spanish (and, oddly, all had heavy Bronx accents...). May I suggest dressing up in a giant foam rubber shark costume while teaching your students the words to "El Tiburon?" It was a big hit back in 1997.

  5. I love this look for the rainy first day of school! It's understated but professional and it doesn't make you look overdressed of like you're trying too hard. Welcome back to the classroom!

    Welcome, also, to the Fashion and Academia group. I'm so happy you found us and glad to have you on board! Please let me know if you have any suggestions for activities and pop the button up on your page whenever you get a chance!

  6. Terri, I think I spoke too soon with calling my mysterious ailments "shin splints" - I think it's more "general leg strain due to standing more often than not." Either way, it's already come and gone, but I'll definitely bring it to the dr's attention next time.

    Aww, Miss B and Raquelita - thanks for your kind words! I'm still not sure if my exhaustion is more due to the pregnancy or the new job: one definitely exacerbates the other! At least I FINALLY have a denim skirt, right?!

    Katie, I AM teaching Spanish! But I don't have a heavy Bronx accent... the shark idea is... a little implausible these days? Maybe after Booties pops out...

    Thanks, Martina! I'm so glad to have found y'all and thanks for leting me join! The button is already up and (I hope) running!

  7. Very cute outfit. I love the boots and denim skirt.
    I'm glad to hear you are enjoying your new job. I hope your voice and shins get better soon.

  8. Thanks, Mel! Congrats on your upcoming defense and the finishing of your diss.!

  9. Lady, I LOVE this. I particularly love that you topped a lovely outfit off with those rad boots. Hope the exhaustion wears off soon! :)

  10. Thanks, Clare! The boots, I think, made the outfit. Or at least were the only seriously cool part about the outfit. As for the exhaustion, well...I can see that continuing for a nice long time...