Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How I wore it: startin' over

Woo, people, I am tired! I had two long days of meetings yesterday and today at the new school at which I'll be working. I'm starting to get the slow panic of "Oh, God, how will I juggle all these responsibilities?!" but I know that I'm in a good working environment and that somehow I'll get it all done. My fellow newbies are all sweethearts and the colleagues I met today were all pretty uniformly awesome. I'm super-excited to move beyond meetings and get to actual teaching, but it's also relaxing not to worry about students yet...

I've done a recent couple of a shopping expeditions for maternity clothes. A new batch from Old Navy came yesterday and I couldn't resist but wear one of my new shirts today. I squeezed into an old skirt and was moderately pleased with the result:

Bright colors! I think this t-shirt will probably make me smile throughout the next months as I stretch it further and further... 

I feel pretty confident with the base wardrobe I've compiled so far (little of which you've seen) and there are some things I cannot wait to bust out, which is a good sign. Of course, there will be endless (and boring?) iterations throughout January, not to mention the post-partum days. On the other hand, I can also stretch some of what I already have with the addition of maternity layers and whatnot. Well, we'll all learn and grow together!

In other news, I have to gush a little bit; I know I said that I don't want to turn this mainly into a mommy blog, but I just can't resist. A year ago today, a wonderful, shy little creature came into our lives and our home. Today she's confident, chubbier, playful, sweet, and - dare I say it? - happier:

It's (slightly) blurry Demon-Kitty!

Yes, people, Amalía has been our kitty for one whole year. She's changed both my and my husband's lives for the best. We adore her and can't imagine living without her. I hope that she'll react somewhat positively to becoming a big sister in the winter...

Striped tee: Old Navy Maternity
Corduroy skirt: Gap Outlet, remixed
Brown sandals: gift from a friend (from Costa Rica, I think), remixed


  1. Awwww, kitty! I like your new top, too.

  2. Stripes! Just think how that top will look with your terrific red boots. And congrats on the 1 year of having a kitten, animals always fill a soft spot in our lives for the best.

  3. Thanks for the good wishes. Amalía obviously didn't give a damn that she had such an important day to celebrate yesterday, but that's okay: I still love her to pieces.

    And thanks for the stripes love, too! I'm excited to see where this shirt takes me... :)