Sunday, September 18, 2011

How I wore it: I wasn't kidding

Remember how on Friday I promised you that I would probably wear the exact same outfit the next day? Well, I kind of did and then decided to kick up the sloppiness a notch. I had actually been a little chilly on Friday with my flats, so I decided to stop making excuses for myself and pull out my first pair of boots of the season for a day spent driving in a car, hanging out with family (including a small child and a small newborn), and driving back home.

... I deployed the leggings.

And, yes, it wasn't my most sartorially satisfactory look, but damn, was I comfortable!

It's totally a different outfit, y'all!

And I must admit - I may have been a little overexcited to pull out the boots: what can I say? Who can blame me? They're my BOOTS! 

Now the tunic was a little short for the leggings and I caught myself pulling it down a lot (and some disapproving looks from my mom, I'm sure), but my husband actually loved the whole look so much that he insisted on it going up on this here blog. So, being a docile little thing, I complied. 

Grey striped tunic: A Pea in the Pod, remixed
Black leggings: HUE, by way of Lord and Taylor, remixed
Grey boots: Frye Paige Huaraches, by way of, remixed


  1. I'm with hubby, it looks great. I rocked the leggings and boots look today (though with a too-short dress which was probably shorter than your tunic, lol) Sooooo happy the boots are back in business.

  2. Tunics are meant to be with leggings, so I think the length is just fine! I loved Friday's version of this outfit, but I think I like this one just a little bit more.