Thursday, June 16, 2011

How I wore it: albiceleste

Ooh, a Thursday twofer! Amazing... Since I know right now that I'll fall asleep in front of the TV (and later I wonder why my sleep schedule is so weird), I thought I'd preempt and post earlier than I would normally plan to.

People, today was HOT. It reached 90 degrees. I was super-tempted to cancel my lessons, but I cancelled them last week because ... of the heat. So, yeah, I had to go in today. However, because of the hot weather and the fact that I'm a little stressed about German bureaucratic nonsense (NONSENSE, I tell you! So there, Uni!), I decided to throw on a lightweight summer dress and call it a day. Ahhhh, lightweight summer dresses, how I love you:

Don't mess with her: she's defiant. And sweaty.

While I've only featured this dress on the blog once before, it's one of my go-to staples during hot weather. It's cool (seersucker!), has a neat pattern (halter!), can be both dressed up and down, and I don't have to think about it much once it's on. I will definitely wear it as much as possible this summer, as I do every year in Greece. 

As you can see, my accessories are all white and blue, going with the photo-invisible white/blue seersucker pattern. I also wore a light turquoise scarf outdoors and my handbag was navy and white. I'm hardcore like that. I just told myself that I was expressing my love for Argentina. And Greece - which particularly needs it these days... 

Dress: H&M, remixed
Blue sandals: Nine West (Athens), remixed


  1. That dress is beautiful, jealous you can rock a halter! The heat has been making me a little cranky about doing things, too. I should be out taking walks, instead I just take naps.

  2. So lovely and cool looking! It got up to 94 here today, which is quite unusual, and I coped by hanging out in the freezer room where we keep artifacts we're accessioning.

  3. You're a knockout in that dress, lady!

  4. Cassy, same here. I haven't been to the gym in ages because I just want to lie on my couch and snooze. It's so bad. And by bad I mean awesome.

    Thanks, Katie! I was actually quite comfy for the whole day, minus, of course, the halter ties digging into my neck. Mmm, freezer room...

    Thank you, Sal!

  5. Cute!! I haven't had anything in a seersucker print/fabric for years, and you've just convinced me I need something...

  6. Oh, Clare, dude. Seersucker and I are in LOVE. DO IT.

  7. 90, pfft.

    I know I've totally heat-adapted to the south, because a week where the high is only 90? Or mid-80s like it has been here? That is a "cool week". Last week was Taste of Charlotte and all of us were outdoors all day drinking beer in near-100s (I should have done an outfit post!)

    But, you go on with your hot weather self. That dress is great!

  8. And just as an aside, the word verification words I get on your blog always seem to be fake-Greek ones, like "ampolou" or "scissos"

  9. Here's hoping the Uni problems resolve themselves SOON. I always like seersucker in the summer. No matter how hot it gets, it feels crisp and fresh.

  10. Oh, Cynthia, I know I have nothing compared to you guys. I've become way more sensitive to the heat recently, though. I love the hot weather, though. After most days of 60-something-degree weather, I'm certainly not complaining when we go up to 90!

    (And, obviously, Blogger knows about my fake Greekness!)

    Oh, Terri, thanks. It's gotten so crazy that my advisor has actually APOLOGIZED for the university's bureaucracy. But yes, I do love seersucker myself...

  11. Wonderful dress! Seersucker and a halter? Gorgeous, and gorgeous on you.

  12. Thanks, Kelly! How are you doing these days? How's the new addition to the fam?!